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Who Are Heather and Katy McNamara?

After a stint as a freelance contributor, Heather became the editor-in-chief for Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises in 1996. Two years ago, she coauthored the well-received Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul. Katy owns a shop in Santa Monica which caters to the scribe in all of us, focusing mainly on fountain pens and papers from all over the world.

Both girls’ love of literature grew from their third-grade public school teacher, Mrs. Lutesinger, who read to them every day—the same third-grade teacher who inspired their siblings Laura and Danny.

“We feel so lucky to have grown up in a family that rates reading as enjoyable a pastime as tag or television,” the sisters concur.

When the idea of a “Sisters” book first came up, Katy leapt at the chance to participate. “Patty and I were partners in crime in high school, and we essentially coerced our little sisters Heather and Nancy to pal up—so the opportunity to work together sounded like too much fun to pass up—and it was!”

“My sisters have definitely helped shape me into the person I am,” Katy continues. “Laura’s fiery spirit, her sense of independence, and most of all, her love for adventure continue to inspire me while Heather’s integrity, outstanding sense of humor, and joie de vivre make me smile every day.”

Heather adds that she feels truly blessed by having three siblings who make her laugh. “Best of all,” Heather continues, “I count my brother and sisters among my best friends.”

Today Heather and Rick live in a rural outpost of San Fernando Valley, where they enjoy the panoramic view of the valley, their garden, and their three dogs—all adopted strays. Twenty miles away, Katy shares a 1924 cottage in historic Topanga Canyon with her sweet mutt Rosie, comedic cat Sassy, and all-around great guy, husband Paul.

You can reach Heather or Katy by contacting P.O. Box 30880, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

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