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Thanks to the art department at Health Communications, for their talent, creativity and unrelenting patience in producing book covers and inside designs that capture the essence of Chicken Soup: Larissa Hise Henoch, Lawna Patterson Oldfield, Andrea Perrine Brower, Lisa Camp, Anthony Clausi and Dawn Grove.

George and Felicity Foster, for helping with the book cover design. Working with you is a delight.

Fairfield Printing, for coming through once again, when we needed something done “yesterday.”

Lynda DeWitt, at, Inc., for helping us run our story contest on’s wonderful Web site.

Sid Slagter, for his invaluable computer advice, for his good cheer and for always having a scanner at the ready. Thank you for everything.

Elinor Hall, our “second opinion” reader, for her loving feedback and her marvelous sense of what makes good Chicken Soup. We love you.

We deeply appreciate all the Chicken Soup for the Soul coauthors, who make it a joy to be part of this Chicken Soup family: Raymond Aaron, Patty and Jeff Aubery, Nancy Mitchell Autio, Marty Becker, Cynthia Brian, Cindy Buck, Ron Camacho, Barbara Russell Chesser, Dan Clark, Tim Clauss, Barbara De Angelis, Mark and Chrissy Donnelly, Irene Dunlap, Bud Gardner, Patty Hansen, Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Kimberly Kirberger, Tom Lagana, Hanoch and Meladee McCarty,Heather McNamara, Paul J. Meyer, Marion Owen, Maida Rogerson, Martin Rutte, Amy Seeger, Barry Spilchuk, Pat Stone, Carol Sturgulewski, Jim Tunney and Diana von Welanetz Wentworth.

The following people who completed the monumental task of reading the preliminary manuscript of this book. They helped us make the final selections and made invaluable comments on how to improve the book: Bryan Aubrey, Linda Beckwith, Christine Belleris, Cindy Buck, D’ette Corona, Randee Feldman, Elinor Hall, Ceil Halpern, Amy Hawthorne, Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Deborah Hatchell, Betsy Hinchman, Becky Huggins, Carol Jackson, Allison Janse, Rita Kline, Cindy Knowlton, Suzanne Lawlor, Jeanette Lisefski, Barb McLoughlin, Heather McNamara, Linda Mitchell, Holly Moore, Sue Penberthy, Staci Richmond, Carol Richter, Heather Sanders, Selmajean Schneider, Maria Sears, Marc and Louise Shimoff, Elizabeth Songster, May Story, Carolyn Strickland and Lynda Valles. Your feedback was priceless.

We also wish to acknowledge the hundreds of people who sent us stories, poems and quotes for possible inclusion in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul 2. While we were not able to use everything you sent in, we were deeply touched by your heartfelt intention to share yourselves and your stories with us and with our readers. Many of these may be used in future volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Thank you!

Because of the size of this project, we may have left out the names of some people who helped us along the way. If so, we are sorry—please know that we really do appreciate all of you very deeply.

We are truly grateful for the many hands and hearts that have made this book possible. We love you all!

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