A Tribute to Mothers

From Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

A Tribute to Mothers

Your gentle guidance has immeasurably influenced all that I have done, all that I do, and all that I will ever do.

Your sweet spirit is indelibly imprinted on all that I have been, all that I am, and all that I will ever be.

Thus, you are a part of all that I accomplish and all that I become.

And so it is that when I help my neighbor, your helping hand is there also.

When I ease the pain of a friend, she owes a debt to you.

When I show a child a better way, either by word or by example,

You are the teacher once removed.

Because everything I do reflects values learned from you,
any wrong that I right, any heart I may brighten,
any gift that I share, or burden I may lighten,
is in its own small way a tribute to you.

Because you gave me life, and more importantly, lessons
in how to live, you are the wellspring from which
flows all good I may
achieve in my time on earth.

For all that you are and all that I am, thank you, Mom.

David L. Weatherford

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