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This book is our gift to you, the mothers of the world. In writing this book, we wanted to honor mothers every where, but how can you thank a mother for the gift of life? As we read the thousands of stories that we considered for Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, we were deeply moved by the depth of feeling people expressed for their mothers.

Many people talked about the sacrifices their mothers had made; others, how courageous their mothers were. Still others shared the inspiration and encouragement they had received from their mothers. But no theme was more widely expressed than that of the eternal nature of a mother’s love.

One piece we came across beautifully captures the essence of this theme:

One calm, bright, sweet, sunshiny day, an angel stole out of heaven and came down to this old world, and roamed field and forest, city and hamlet. Just as the sun went down he spread his wings and said: “Now my visit is out, and I must go back to the world of light. But before I go, I must gather some mementos of my visit here.”

He looked into a beautiful flower garden and said, “How lovely and fragrant these flowers are.” He plucked

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