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Ken Abraham is the author of over forty books, including collaborations with professional golfer Paul Azinger on Zinger! as well as baseball All-Star catcher Gary Carter on The Gamer. Abraham currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee.

Matt Adams is a veteran of the golf industry and a regular contributor to business reports on The Golf Channel. Matt is also a writer and coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul of America. Matt can be reached at [email protected]

Ahmed Tharwat Abdelaal is married to a Minnesota native, Caren, who teaches at the University of Minnesota. Together they came up with a lovely daughter whose name is Sara. Ahmed runs a marketing consulting firm in the Twin Cities that develops customer satisfaction programs for small business. He has been teaching business and marketing at the University of St. Thomas and abroad for the last twenty years. Another sidelight of his career is his involvement in producing and hosting the only local Arab-American TV program in the Midwest as an alternative medium for the Arab-American community. This weekly TV program offers the audience a new perspective on current events and a vehicle to strengthen the relationships among the many cultures in the community.

Michael Arkush is an associate editor for Golf World magazine. He has also worked for the Los Angeles Times and People magazine. Arkush has written three books: Rush!, a New York Times bestselling biography of Rush Limbaugh; Tim Allen Laid Bare; and 60 Years of USC-UCLA Football, cowritten with Steve Springer. Arkush lives in Connecticut with his wife, actress Pauletta Walsh, and daughter Jade.

Paul Azinger won his first professional golf tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1987. An eleven-time PGA Tournament winner, he was the 1993 PGA Champion and cocaptain of the U.S. golf team’s entry for the 1994 President’s Cup. He lives in Bradenton, Florida, with his wife, Toni, and two daughters.

Aaron Bacall has worked as a research chemist, college instructor and teacher. All the while he created cartoons on a freelance basis in the evenings and out they went to magazines. As sales started to come in he built up his business, adding advertising and illustration work. He is a full-time cartoonist now, specializing in magazine cartoons, spot art and advertising illustration. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Barron’s, Reader’s Digest, Wall Street Journal and corporate projects. A book of his cartoons will be published in 2002. He can be reached at [email protected]

Dan Bickely is currently a sports columnist for The Arizona Republic and is the author of No Bull: The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman. He was a syndicated columnist for the Copley News Service from 1997 to 98 and worked at the Chicago Sun-Times from 1987 to 1997.

Ann Birmingham, the mother of three children, resides in her hometown of Bangor, Maine. Ann is a full-time student pursuing her bachelor of science degree in business administration at Husson College. She enjoys making wooden crafts and hopes to open a small shop in the near future. Please reach her at [email protected]

Alan Broderick is a freelance writer living in Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. His story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Andy Brumer is a freelance writer who writes on golf, art, literature and other subjects. He is a published poet and a 2-handicap golfer. Andy holds a bachelor of arts degree in English literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a masters degree from San Francisco State University, where he studied creative writing. He lives in the Los Angeles area. Please reach him at: [email protected]

Bob Brust, a native of Montana, worked as an engineer for Chevron U.S.A. for thirty-two years. After retiring, he pursued two of his greatest passions, writing and golf. His works have appeared in Golf Journal, Chicken Soup for the Golfer’s Soul, several magazines and periodicals. He has also authored two books, Idaho in June and I Thought I Heard a Rooster Crow. The latter is about his life and his family on a ranch in Montana and is in the process of being published. Bob passed away in June 1999. Further information concerning his writing is available from Harriett Brust, [email protected]

Jack Cavanaugh covers sports and writes feature stories for the New York Times. He has also written for Sports Illustrated, Reader’s Digest and a number of other national magazines. Cavanaugh is also an adjunct writing professor at Fairfield and Quinnipiac Universities in Connecticut. He has contributed several previous stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul books. He is also the author of Damn the Disabilities: Full Speed Ahead!, which recounts the stories of athletes who have overcome handicaps to excel in sports. He lives in Wilton, Connecticut.

Reid Champagne has been playing golf with no noticeable improvement for over forty years. He not only believes in gadgetry, but also magic, sorcery, incantations, smoke, mirrors and a rare Asian ointment as the ultimate solutions to his swing problems. Reach him at [email protected]

Mike Corcoran is a writer and former editor of Golf Illustrated based in Pennsylvania. His story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Gary D’Amato is an award-winning sportswriter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He has written two books—Mudbaths and Bloodbaths: The Inside Story of the Bears-Packers Rivalry and The Packer Tapes: My 32 Years with the Green Bay Packers—with Domenic Gentile. D’Amato’s work has also appeared in Chicken Soup for the Golfer’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan’s Soul. Contact him at [email protected]

Paula DiPerna is a freelance writer based in Chicago. Her story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Darlene Daniels Eisenhuth lives in rural South Newfane, Vermont, with her husband and their two teenage sons. She is a firm believer that the finer things in life are the simple ones. Most of her inspirations for her writing come from her family and their experiences together.

Jolee Edmondson writes about golf and many other subjects for national magazines. She is the only woman ever to have won a first-place award from the Golf Writers Association of America. A resident of Savannah, Georgia, she can be reached at [email protected]

Leonard Finkel, together with artist Gary Max Collins, produced The Secrets to the Game of Golf & Life, which contains fifty original oil painting by Collins. He is a freelance writer and editor of Golf Journeys Magazine. Leonard has had articles published in more than twenty magazines including Golf Illustrated, Affluent Golfer and almost a dozen cover stories for Golf Today Magazine. Leonard can be reached at [email protected] or visit the Website at

Deisy Flood is originally from Cuba. She is married and has a son. She has contributed to Golf Journal. She resides in Lakeland, Florida, with her three dogs and owns a business. She loves golf, reading and writing. She is sorry her father didn’t live to see her work, although not exactly professional, published. She can be reached at: [email protected]

Dan Galbraith is a fifty-six-time state and four-time national award-winner in sports journalism. The sports editor for The Holton Recorder and The Sabetha Herald newspapers, his first book Sports Column Writing Is Life is expected soon at bookstores. His e-mail address is [email protected]

Rhonda Glenn, a freelance writer living in Atlantis, Florida, is the author of The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf and a contributor to The Junior Golf Book and Golf for Women. Her story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Ellen Goodman has been with the Boston Globe, where she is an associate editor as well as a columnist, since 1967. In 1980, she won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary. Her book on social change, Turning Points, was published in 1979. Five collections of her columns have also been published: Close to Home, At Large, Keeping in Touch, Making Sense and Value Judgments. Born in 1941, she lives with her husband in Brookline.

Melanie Hauser serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Golf Writers Association of America based in Houston. Her story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Johnny Hawkins’s cartoons have appeared in over 250 publications, including Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Barron’s, Saturday Evening Post and many others. His nationally syndicated comic, “Hi and Jinx, ” runs in newspapers around the country. He can be reached at P.O. Box 188, Sherwood, MI 49089, (616) 432-8071 or at [email protected]

John L. Hulteng (April 1, 1921 to March 9, 1996). In his twenty-two years with the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon (1955 to 1977), he achieved a reputation as a superb teacher, a nationally known author and able administrator. He was twice dean and a devoted citizen of the university.

Bob Hurt, a sportswriter for more than a half century, served as lead sports columnist on the leading newspapers in Topeka, Kansas, Oklahoma City and Phoenix. He is the author of a recently published book, Return of the Football Fossils.

Dan Jenkins, Golf Digest writer-at-large, is the author of seventeen novels and works of nonfiction, including two classic golf books, The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate and Dead Solid Perfect. He lives in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

Bil Keane created “The Family Circus, ” based on his own family, in 1960. It now appears in well over 1, 500 newspapers and is read daily by 188 million people. The award-winning feature is the most widely spread syndicated cartoon in America. Check out The Family Circus website:

Dave Kindred has eaten breakfast with Julie Krone, lunchwith Muhammad Ali and dinner with Robert Redford. Between meals, he has written six thousand columns and six books. The 1997 National Sportswriter of the Year, he is a winner of sport’s journalism’s highest prize, the Red Smith Award. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Cheryl.

Jim King received his bachelor of science from Purdue University. He currently works in the information technology field. Although he aspires to do more golfing and writing, most of his time is spent with wife Peg and their children, Tyler, Sydney, Ryleigh and Mykaela. He can be reached at jimking_ [email protected]

Michael Konik is well-known to frequent fliers as the west coast editor of Delta Air Lines’ Sky magazine, where his monthly column “Tee Time” has been honored by the Golf Writers Association of America. Michael is also the gambling columnist for Cigar Aficionado and has been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers. He is the author of The Man with $100, 000 Breasts and Other Gambling Stories (Huntington Press). Currently, he is working on his next book, Good Shot, Mr. Nicklaus: Stories About the Game of Golf.

Robert Lalonde retired from sales at the end of October 1999 and has spent most of his time traveling and playing golf. The adjustment came very easily and what little spare time he has left he enjoys visiting his two boys, Brendon in Toronto and Jeffrey in Montreal. “An author I am not and will never be, but playing a bit of golf with the guys in this story is very entertaining and adds a little laughter to my life.”

Avid golfer Henry Lawrence is a freelance writer living in Davidson, North Carolina. Proceeds from the reprinting of this article will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Dr. Jerry P. Lightner served eighteen years as executive director of the National Association of Biology Teachers followed by sixteen years as senior consultant with Xerox Corporation. Author of several books, his most recent is I Remember Jack, a biography of his fighter pilot brother killed in the Korean War. He now resides in Spain and the United States.

Kyle MacLachlan is currently guest starring on HBO’s “Sex and the City” as Trey, Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) husband. He is perhaps best known for his performance in David Lynch’s 1986 hit “Blue Velvet” and for his starring role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper in Lynch’s television series “Twin Peaks, ” for which MacLachlan received two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe Award.

Del Madzay teaches art at Centerburg High School. He runs a mini-golf and driving range in the summer. He collects antique golf memorabilia, photographs it and sells state-of-the-art golf prints, 22x28 available for purchase @ $5.00 each. (View at E-bay store, Sycamore golf prints). 740-393-0017. E-mail him at [email protected]

Marci Martin has been published in magazines and newspapers, winning many awards. Published books: Go to Hell and Make A U-Turn, Muse on My Shoulder, two series mysteries: Secrets and Lies and License to Steal. Her fourth mystery is a work in progress. She is coordinator for Arizona Mystery Writers.

Kate Meyers is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, T & L Golf, Links, Fortune and Sports Illustrated Women. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters.

E. J. Montini has been asking annoying questions since his days at St. Titus Roman Catholic grade school outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the sisters of St. Joseph declared him a hopeless sinner whose persistent inquiries caused his guardian angel to weep constantly and who therefore would do little in life but disrupt the natural order of things. Naturally, the nuns were correct. Montini was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1954, the fortieth birthday of the great Joe DiMaggio. He grew up in the same steel town as Mike Ditka and Henry Mancini. After graduating from Penn State, he worked for newspapers in the East before going to The Arizona Republic in 1980. He saw the Doors perform when he was thirteen years old and when not quite six was taken by his mother to a speech by John F. Kennedy. He remembers that Kennedy’s microphone didn’t work correctly, and it didn’t bother his mother a bit. Montini is married and the father of two children. From the moment they could talk, the children have been asking annoying questions. This pleases him very much.

More of . . . The Best of Bits & Pieces is a monthly publication that has been motivating people for more than thirty years. Every issue is filled with inspiration and insights to help readers reach beyond the stress of daily life and improve any situation. Visit to see a sample copy or call 800-878-5331.

Bruce Nash of Studio City, California, produces reality-based television shows for the major networks.

J. G. Nursall is a forty-nine-year-old attorney/teacher living and working in Southern California. Formerly an avid golfer, he writes to relax and to record some of the valuable lessons he learned while playing the game. Mr. Nursall anticipates publishing a collection of short stories in the near future and invites your further inquiry. Please contact him at: [email protected]

Hugh O’Neill has been writing and performing commentary on fatherhood for several years, including work for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. He is the author of Daddy Cool and Here’s Looking at You, Kids. He has also written for several magazines as well as for television’s The Cosby Show, Thirtysomething and Sisters. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dennis Oricchio is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association and is a full-time tennis teaching professional for twenty-five years.

David Owen is a contributing editor of Golf Digest and a staff writer for The New Yorker. His books about golf are My Usual Game, Lure of the Links and The Making of the Masters. Contact him at [email protected]

Bill Pelham played on the PGA Tour from 1976 to 1980. Today, he owns a golf marketing company, specializing in promoting corporate golf events nationwide. He can be reached at Doubleagle, 8702 Stone Village Ln., Houston, TX 77040, by phone at 713-937-3866 or at

Mike Pennella is a runner, freelance writer and very occasional golfer residing in Maplewood, New Jersey. This story first appeared in Golf Journal, a magazine of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

George Peper is the editor-in-chief of Golf magazine. He is the author of a dozen books on golf, and his script for the PBS documentary The Story of Golf was nominated for an Emmy. His story was the impetus for his current book Playing Partners, about golf with his son, which will be published by Warner Books for Father’s Day in 2003.

Carol McAdoo Rehme, a frequent contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul and other inspirational books, is a full-time storyteller, speaker and author. Her latest passion is a pilot program, “Silver Linings for Golden Agers.” It is the recipient of several grants and provides highly interactive, multisensory presentations at eldercare facilities. Contact her at: [email protected] or

Bob Robinson a 1956 graduate of the University of Oregon, retired in 1999 after thirty-seven-and-a-half years as a sportswriter at The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. He continues to do freelance writing, mostly on golf. He was named Oregon’s Sportswriter of the Year in 1977 after covering the Portland Trail Blazers in their NBA championship season.

Steve Schokett’s story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Bruce Selcraig, an Austin-based journalist, is a former U.S. Senate investigator and Sports Illustrated staff writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s and Sierra, among others. He writes on topics as varied as corporate crime and baseball gloves, worships Irish golf and New Mexican food, and can be reached at [email protected]

Bob Shyrock has been a newspaper columnist for fifty-two years, writing about ten thousand columns, some of them golf humor. He also works for Pitman Golf Course as assistant manager/starter, and has been director of numerous golf tournaments, including the Gloucester County (New Jersey) Amateur for twenty years. A lefthander, he is a frustrated 14-handicapper.

John Spielbergs was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He currently is a custom homebuilder in Muskoka, a tourist area north of Toronto. He lives with his wife and two daughters and, in addition to golf, likes to play hockey. His story was written as a way of coming to terms with the loss of a life-long friend.

John St. Augustine is the creator/host of Power!Talk Radio and the author of “All Are Chosen.” He also speaks to public and private groups on the essentials of success and opportunity through adversity. You can find out more about Power!Talk Radio and John’s speaking availability at or call (906) 233-TALK (8255).

Payne Stewart was at the top of his game on every level when his life came to a sudden and tragic end on October 25, 1999. In June of 1999, he enjoyed the signature triumph of his career and solidified himself as one of the exemplary personalities in his profession with a victory at the U.S. Open and a place on the coveted winning U.S. Ryder Cup team. However, satisfying his professional accomplishments were, it was his personal triumphs that made him stand out.

Tracey Stewart was born in Queensland, Australia, where she also attended school. She met Payne Stewart in March 1980 during the Malaysian Open, in a meeting she describes as love at first sight. After romancing each other around the world, Payne and Tracey were engaged one year later in Singapore and married November 10, 1981, in Southport, on Australia’s Gold Coast. As Payne’s PGA career took off, the Stewarts moved to Orlando, Florida, where Tracey lives with their two children, Chelsea and Aaron.

Kay B. Tucker counts on her family and friends for inspiration for anecdotes and stories. She has been published in Writer’s Digest, Reader’s Digest, Catholic Digest and several upstate New York publications. Her e-mail is [email protected]

Don Wade was a senior editor at Golf Digest magazine for eighteen years and is the bestselling author of Talking on Tour, Wanna Bet? and the And Then Jack Said to Annie . . . series. He lives in Connecticut.

Bob Welch is a columnist at The Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, and author of six books, including The Things That Matter Most and the Gold Medallion award-winning A Father for All Seasons. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Gordon Wells is a freelance writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. His story originally appeared in Golf Journal, a publication of the United States Golf Association. Proceeds from the reprinting of this story will be donated to the USGA Foundation.

Bob West has been sports editor of the Port Arthur (Texas) News since 1972. A single-digit handicapper, West is a past president of the Texas Golf Writers Association. His most memorable golfing experience was playing Cypress Point for the first time. He can be reached at [email protected]

Ernie Witham writes a humor column called “Ernie’s World” for the Montecito Journal in Montecito, California. His humor has also been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Santa Barbara News-Press and five Chicken Soup analogies. You can read his column at He is available to lead humor workshops for any age group and can be reached at [email protected]

Ben Wright broadcast golf and other sports for CBS-TV for twenty-three years.

Allan Zullo of Fairview, North Carolina, has written over seventy nonfiction books on a variety of subjects.

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