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ahansen is currently serving as CEO of the Mobius Corporation, a group of demented quantum physicist/designers who patent and develop such projects as ambient temperature superconductors, elemental transmutation technologies and exotic materials that exhibit transdimensional capabilities. She also enjoys growing roses—and her beloved lummox of a son.

Dyann Andersen lives in Burnsville, Minnesota and is the proud mother of one married daughter and one granddaughter, both of whom “are just a joy to be around.” She loves gardening, is studying both writing and radiologic technology, and lives with her husband, their Schipperke and an alley cat.

Sherri Andervich enjoys raising native plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers in a rural area abounding in wildlife and wild flowers. She and her husband Jim have five children and two grandchildren, and often volunteer at youth activities, nature reserves and an arts center.

Susan Antler has taken her personal passion for the environment and built an environmental marketing business, Visions of Utopia, to pursue her interests. Among her clients is The Composting Council of Canada, the central resource and network for the composting industry in Canada. To find out more, visit

Dan Barker founded The Home Gardening Project in 1984 to provide self-reliance and joy to the poor and disabled. He is working to help establish similar projects in 200 cities. Dan can be reached at 8060 Upper Applegate Rd., Jacksonville, OR 97530; [email protected] or

Claire Beynon was born in South Africa and has lived in New Zealand since 1994. A full-time artist who also writes poetry and short fiction, she is fascinated by the powerful relationship between images and words. Claire is married and has three enthusiastic children.

Marcia E. Brown became a full-time freelance writer when family stories she wrote for her son began to sell. Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Mother Earth News, Mature Living, Backwoods Home, The Ozarks Mountaineer and elsewhere. Her e-mail address is [email protected]

Joanne Bryan was born in Maryland and moved to Florida at a very young age. At age eighteen, she entered and made a career in the U.S. Air Force. She raised a daughter and now has a wonderful grandson. She is a disabled veteran and spends time volunteering at the local VA hospital greenhouse.

Joanne’s e-mail is [email protected]

Stephanie Welcher Buckley developed a love for gardening through membership in Oklahoma City’s Carefree Rose Garden Club. A syndicated newspaper columnist, inspirational writer and speaker, Buckley hosts State of Change, a radio program featuring people who’ve experienced adversity or prosperity and are changing their community. Reach her at: P.O. Box 1502, Edmond, OK 73034, [email protected]

Bernice Bywater has written poetry since she could hold a pencil. She has also written fiction, nonfiction and advertising copy, which she maintains is a combination of both. She lives near San Francisco, where she writes, paints, designs, gardens and keeps in touch with her four children and nineteen grandchildren.

John M. Capozzi is the author of A Spirit of Greatness, in which “Romeo Sets the Stage” appears. Mr. Capozzi also wrote two bestselling business maxim books: Why Climb the Corporate Ladder When You Can Take the Elevator? and If You Want the Rainbow You Gotta Put Up with the Rain! His latest book, GET A GRIP! is a fun collection of golf maxims and cartoons. For more information: To order books: 800-910-4944 or 212-439-4338.

Gary Carter is a woodworker who lives with his wife on the side of a mountain in Marin County, California. He divides his time between working wood, working words and teaching sailing on San Francisco Bay.

Martine Caselli is an award-winning freelance writer and a frequent contributor to GreenPrints magazine. She lives and works in Stony Brook, Long Island, and can be reached at 4 Chalmers Place, Stony Brook, NY 11790.

David M. Cooney is a cartoonist and illustrator. Through the scientific journals featuring his work, his cartoons are seen in over fifty countries. His cartoons run in numerous newspapers under the title “Twisted View.” An avid gardener, David lives with his wife Marcia and two children in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. His Web site is Reach him at [email protected]

Reverend Max Coots has lived almost all his life in rural small towns—and loves it. He is retired after thirty-five years as a minister in the college town of Canton, New York, where he devotes himself to gardening, sculpting and the pleasures of small-town life.

Christie Craig is a writer, photographer and teacher with over 400 magazine credits and one published novel to her name. Her work has appeared in such magazines as Reader’s Digest, St. Anthony’s Messenger andWoman’s World. Known for her inspiration and encouragement, she can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Edie Cuttler has been writing since high school, loving the outdoors since childhood and gardening for more than twenty-five years. She is moving from Long Island to the West Coast, where she expects to find more adventures to live, more gardens to sow and more fodder for tales.

Diane C. Daniels is forty-seven years old, a customer service representative for a major health insurance company by day and a writer by night. A passion for writing, especially poetry, has consumed her since childhood. She lives in Sacramento, California, with her son, Charles, and two dogs.

Amanda Dodson is a full-time mother to her beautiful daughter, Grace. A freelance writer, she is working on her first book. Amanda also volunteers twice a week at a local nursing home, where she slows down and enjoys smelling the roses with some of her closest friends.

Jenny Gore Dwyer was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. In 1996, she was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix. Now a four-year cancer survivor, Jenny spends her days enjoying laundry, cooking, PTA and eating cheesecake. She has been married for fourteen years and has two amazing kids. She dedicates this story to Brenna and Sean, and Joey, Cliff and John. Contact Jenny at 6439 N.E. 188th St., Kenmore, WA, 98128 or [email protected].

Margarita Engle is the author of two novels, Skywriting (Bantam) and Singing to Cuba (Arte Publico Press). Educated as an agronomist and botanist, she has published numerous articles in landscape and gardening magazines. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in Clovis, California.

Jane Eppinga is presently writing two books, Arizona Folklore and Images of Tucson. Her first award-winning book was Henry Ossian Flipper: West Point’s First Black Graduate. Jane also has written for Good Housekeeping, Chicken Soup for the Cat and Dog Lover’s Soul, and 200 other publications.

Laura Esserman, M.D., is the director of Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center and associate professor of surgery and radiology at the University of California, San Francisco. She serves on the executive committee of The Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF and is an affiliate faculty member of the Institute for Health Policy Studies and the Medical Informatics Program. She is also the coleader of the Breast Oncology Program at the USSF Cancer Center.

Debbie Farmer writes an award-winning column, “Family Daze,” published weekly in over two dozen newspapers. Her essays have also appeared in 100 parenting magazines around the country. For information on having “Family Daze” appear in your newspaper, e-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site:

George M. Flynn is a husband, father of three, freelance writer and seventh-grade English teacher. He is also an avid gardener and the author of Maggie’s Heart and Other Stories, a collection of twenty-four heartwarming gardening stories. The book is available by contacting him at 23 Kemah-Mecca Lake Road, Newton, NJ 07860. E-mail George at [email protected]

Jean Jeffrey Gietzen is author of If You’re Missing Baby Jesus, Questions and Answers for Catechists and A People Set Apart. She has also written for A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Reader’s Digest, Catholic Digest, Virtue and more. A wife, mother and grandmother, Jean lives in Tucson, Arizona and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She leads writing workshops in both states. You may reach her at 520-296-1550 or 414-352-2009.

James P. Glaser lives on Island Lake, south of Northome, Minnesota, with Charmaine. A master gardener, Jim gives talks on what gardening can do for families and communities. He also builds garden accessories, rock gardens and starter gardens for others. Jim can be reached at P.O. Box 102, Northome, MN 56661, 218-897-5329.

Connie Goldman explores challenges, changes and continued growth in the mid-life years and beyond. She offers information, insights and inspiration through her public radio specials, audiocassette tapes, books, articles and speeches. Information is available by writing Connie at Goldman Productions, 926 Second St., Suite 201, Santa Monica, CA 90404; on the Web at or via e-mail: [email protected]

Jaynell Grayson is a public relations specialist for IBM Global Services. Food from the ’Hood is a student-owned business located at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, California. Company profits provide college scholarships for the student owners, who donate 25 percent of their crop to feed the needy in their community. For more information, contact Aleyne Larner at 323-295-4842. To contact Jaynell, write to: IBM Global Services, Rte. 100, Bldg. 4, Somers, NY 10589; phone: 914-766-4107; fax: 914-766-8494; e-mail: [email protected]

Donna Gundle-Krieg is a freelance writer and human resources consultant who lives in Milford, Michigan, with her husband Dennis and two children, Steven and Elizabeth. Between kids’ activities and working, Donna tends several gardens and is involved in many community activities. She can be reached at [email protected]

Anirban Gupta spent his childhood in Bombay, India, before moving to Calcutta. He edited his school and college magazines, and is currently studying at Calcutta Medical College. Anirban occasionally writes short stories and poems. His recent prize-winning stories include The Valley Children and When Shadows Stand Mesmerized, Searching for Walls.

Peter Guttmacher’s books include Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! The King and His Movies, Crazy Horse: SiouxWarrior Chief, The Incredible Jeep, Legendary War Films, Legendary Westerns, Legendary Comedies, Legendary Love Stories, Legendary Horror Films, and Legendary Sci-Fi Cinema. His father is his story’s real-life protagonist. Peter can be reached at [email protected]

Mary Harrison Hart has been happily married to her first love, Tom, for twenty-three years. They have two daughters, ages seventeen and twenty-one. Mary is a self-taught graphic artist, working from home to create logos and T-shirt designs with flair. She also works part-time at Home Depot’s garden department. Her passion is to create a backyard sanctuary on a shoestring!

Janice Hasselius is a wife, mother, grandmother, prize-winning watercolorist, published author and a master gardener. She encourages us all to “Keep your hands in the earth, your eyes on heaven and your heart with the Lord.”

Maureen Heffernan was raised in Perry, Ohio, graduated from Fordham University and studied horticulture at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and Ohio State University. She is the director of public programs at Cleveland Botanical Garden and a garden writer. Maureen is also author of the book Burpee Seed Starter.

Jeanne Hill is an author, an inspirational speaker and a contributing editor to Guideposts magazine. Her award-winning short stories and articles are often chosen for anthologies. She has also authored monthly columns in magazines and published two inspirational books: Daily Breath (Word Books) and Secrets of Prayer-Joy (Judson Press). Jeanne resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Meredith Hodges is a freelance writer who lives with her husband in Fairfield, Iowa. Together they run a cashmere business over the Internet, offering one of the most complete selections of Pashmina products in the world. You may reach Meredith at: [email protected], or Royal Cashmere, 802 North Tenth St., Fairfield, IA 52556.

Bunny Hoest is one of the most widely read cartoonists today, reaching nearly 200 million diverse readers every week. She has produced The Lockhorns, Agatha Crumm, What a Guy! and Hunny Bunny’s Short Tale, which is distributed internationally by King Features; “Laugh Parade” for Parade is seen by more than 80 million people every Sunday. She has twenty-five bestselling anthologies.

Arlene West House, a former New York advertising executive, lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats in Coupeville, Washington. She gave up high heels and power lunches for jeans and Penn Cove mussels served by the sea. She is currently working on her second novel, Dancing at Nancy White’s Party. Arlene’s e-mail address is [email protected]

Georgia A. Hubley chose to leave twenty years in financial management to write full-time. She joined the Pebbles writers group at the renowned Thunderbird Bookshop in Carmel, California, creating the stimulus for many published stories that draw on her childhood memories of rural life. Contact her by e-mail at [email protected]

Molly Bruce Jacobs lives in Maryland with her sons, Garrit and Bradford. She holds a law degree from Columbia University. Her writing has appeared in many publications including Redbook and Sojourner. A 1996 piece about her sister published in Baltimore Magazine won awards for public service and excellence in journalism. Molly is now writing a book about her sister. Contact her at [email protected]

Ted Key created the “Hazel” cartoon in 1943. It appeared in the Saturday Evening Post until 1969 (King Features 1969–present). The Hazel TV series starring Shirley Booth (NBC-TV 1961–65; CBS-TV 1965–66) was based on the same character. Ted, who has twenty-one books to his credit, created “Peabody and Sherman” for “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” and Disney has produced three of his movies.

Adam Khan is the author of the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works, a collection of articles Adam wrote while a columnist for Rodale Press’s newsletter At Your Best. He was voted the readers’ favorite. Write to him at [email protected] or P.O. Box 1703, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Emily King gardens and writes from her home in “The Rose City,” Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in The Oregonian, TheWar Cry, Living Solo, Keys for Kids, Warner Press, and several gift books. She is currently seeking a publisher for her first children’s book. Write to her at [email protected]

Susan Gilman King was born and raised in Adams, Massachusetts. She lives on a five-acre organic farm in Stephentown, New York, and raises crops, turkeys, beef cows, pigs and chickens. She resides with her soulmate, Bill, her dog, Nathan, and cat, Thomas. Contact her at 303 Madden Rd., Stephentown, NY 12168, 518-733-6723.

James A. Kisner, author of Sweet Dreams and Tender Tears, writes poetic stories based on true-life events. His poetry reflects his life, and the lives of those who read his Internet pages and submit their stories to him. For information on his Web pages and books, e-mail him at [email protected].

Carin Klabbers-Ouwens lives at the Koninginneweg 75, 2982 AH in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. She is an amateur story writer, and has published some of her fanfiction. She writes for fanzines and combines her household duties with volunteer work. Philip, her husband, works in chemistry and molecular biology.

Tom R. Kovach was born and raised in north-central Minnesota. He studied journalism at the University of Nevada-Reno and at Bemidji State University in Minnesota. He traveled with the U.S. Army in Vietnam, Korea and Germany. A freelance writer, Tom writes for magazines including Field and Stream, Backwoods Home, and many others.

Jean Little was born in 1931 in a little gray shingled bungalow across the road from her grandfather’s farm. She began writing poetry when she was about nine years old. Many of her poems are about her wonderful childhood experiences in the country and the simple things in life. Jean lives in Leslie, Michigan.

Jeff Lowenfels ran away from New York to practice law in Alaska. His column has appeared in the Anchorage Daily News for over twenty-five years—the longest-running gardening column in America. He also does horticultural TV and radio, and is a past president of the Garden Writers Association of America.

David Clinton Matz (also known as Cliff, Malls and White Zombie) makes his publishing debut here. A freelance student of the audio and visual arts, David is an entertainer and counselor on the streets, where he sometimes resides. He is currently working on several spiritual essays. Contact him at 830 Boyd St., Lancaster, OH 43130, 740-653-5571.

Lee May, gardening columnist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and for Southern Accents magazine, is author of Gardening Life, a collection of essays, and a memoir, In My Father’s Garden, from which “A Son’s Harvest” was adapted. He cultivates life in Atlanta and in the rocky hills of north Georgia.

John McPherson is a syndicated cartoonist and creator of “Close to Home,” a single-panel cartoon that appears in 650 newspapers worldwide, including the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the Tokyo Times. He may be contacted by e-mail: [email protected]; Web site:

Doris Meyer works in the Los Angeles jails as a correctional education school administrator. She has a national reputation for creating programs for incarcerated men and women, specializing in parent education, child visitation and domestic violence. An avid weekend gardener, she and her husband Paul are parents to Greg, Paula and Matthew.

ViAnn Meyer lives in beautiful Spokane, Washington, with her extended family, as well as a motley collection of cats and Ziggy the pup. The menagerie enjoys working, playing and living in a magical place dubbed the Meyer Cat Garden, which is always open for tours. ViAnn is a secretary at the local Air Force base and devotes her free time to her garden club.

Jonita Mullins, a freelance writer and editor, discovered gardening after purchasing an older home in the historic district of Muskogee, one of the oldest towns in Oklahoma. She serves on the board of directors of the Founders’ Place Historic District and the Three Rivers Museum of Muskogee, and is active in her church, First Assembly of God of Haskell.

Hillary Nelson is an award-winning columnist for The Concord Monitor. She writes and farms in Canterbury, New Hampshire, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Earl Nightingale was at one time the most listened-to man in the history of the broadcast industry. His audio program, “Lead the Field,” was the first spoken recording to earn a gold record, and remains a bestseller to this day. For more information on “Lead the Field,” as well as the largest collection of personal development resources in the world, visit or call 800-525-9000 for a complimentary catalog from Nightingale-Conant Publishing.

Jay O’Callahan is a writer and a performance artist of international renown. He has performed his dramatic works at Lincoln Center, The Abbey Theatre in Dublin, The Fine Arts Complex in London, and throughout the United States. For more information on his work and audio recordings, call 800-626-5356.

Linda O’Connell, a St. Louis resident, has been a preschool teacher/director for twenty-four years. She also teaches a variety of adult education classes in the St. Louis public schools’ Community Education Centers. She and her husband, Bill, enjoy travel, camping and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Mark Parisi’s “off the mark” cartoon appears in over 100 newspapers worldwide. His offbeat panel can also be found in magazines, Web sites, newsletters, books and on greeting cards and T-shirts. Mark has published two compilation books and is chairman of the NE Chapter of the National Cartoonists’ Society. View his comics at

Lee Paton is the director of clinical services at Resources Connectors, Ltd., a health-care management and consulting firm in Portland, Oregon. She is a frequent lecturer in the United States and in Asia on topics related to pain, suffering, death and dying, and palliative care.

Mike Peters, political cartoonist for the Dayton (OH) Daily News, is recognized as one of the most prominent cartoon artists in the U.S. His work appears in newspapers worldwide, national publications, galleries and on television. In 1981 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. He also taped a fourteen-part PBS series, “The World of Cartooning with Mike Peters.” In 1984, syndication began for Peters’ comic strip “Mother Goose & Grimm.”

Beth Pollack is a senior in high school and already very ambitious. She dreams of becoming a professional writer and, in December 1999, her first published article appeared in Newsweek magazine. Pollack has also completed her first novel, which fits into the genres of suspense, drama and historical fiction. She is currently seeking a publisher for this work.

Ursel Rabeneck and her husband, André, have made the beautiful Laurentians in Quebec their home for the past thirty years. They have four married children and continue to enjoy tennis, skiing, reading and gardening.

Carol McAdoo Rehme grew children instead of a garden. Now she is busy sowing other seeds. A professional storyteller and speaker, she specializes in original pioneer vignettes. Her freelance writing appears in books and magazines such as Heart-Stirring Stories of Love, Whispers from Heaven, and Shining Star. You can contact her at: [email protected]

Kelly E. Reno is a professional writer who has authored thirteen books, both fiction and non-fiction. She writes freelance articles for several magazines and newspapers. She lives in Los Angeleswith her husband, Fred, and son, Nicholas.

Lucy B. Richardson’s love of flower gardening blossomed when she moved next door to a delightful elderly lady, a member of the Garden Club of Frankfort, Kentucky’s largest and oldest garden club. She joined the club and became president, as well as holding other offices in the Kentucky Garden Club organization, and serving as a nationally accredited flower show judge.

Lon J. Rombough is a horticulturist, consultant and writer working with unusual fruits, especially grapes. His book on growing grapes will be published in early 2001 by Chelsea Green Press. For information and a list of more than 130 grape cuttings, go to or write to P.O. Box 365, Aurora, OR 97002.

Dan Rosandich is a full-time illustrator and cartoonist, who will draw artwork for any project. Call him at: 906-482-6234. To see color samples of his work, go to and click on his name.

Erica Sanders lives in the country with her husband, three boys, various animals and a garden overflowing its bounds. She is currently in school studying to become a counselor.

Charles Schulz, the late cartoonist of the comic strip “PEANUTS,” made an inexorable contribution to our cultural landscape for fifty years, enthralling the world with his magical microcosmic world of a group of wise-beyond-their-years children and their beloved dog, Snoopy.

Kathy Shaskan ditched a successful career as a marketing executive to pursue her interest in humorous writing and illustration. This fact alone prompts people to burst out laughing. Her weekly cartoon, “Blossom Fuller,” can be viewed online at

Bernie Siegel, M.D., originated Exceptional Cancer Patients, a therapy that facilitates personal empowerment, lifestyle changes and healing. He has written How to Live Between Office Visits, Prescriptions for Living and other books. For information about his books, tapes and schedule, contact ECaP at www.ecap-online.orgor 814-337-8192.

Paula L. Silici is an award-winning author who resides in Parker, Colorado. She is a regular columnist for the National Writers Association’s quarterly publication, Authorship, and is currently working on her fourth historical novel. Her poetry, nonfiction and short stories have appeared in regional and national magazines. She can be reached at [email protected]

Sheila Stroup writes a Metro page column for the New Orleans Times-Picayune and likes to tell stories that are full of hope. She believes each of us has the responsibility of making the world a more beautiful place and that a garden is one lovely way to do it.

Maggie Stuckey is the author of eight gardening books, including Gardening from the Ground Up, The Complete Herb Book and The Complete Spice Book. Her newest book, coming in spring 2001, is a complete guide to growing good things to eat (vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers) in a container garden.

Bertha M. Sutliff lives in the mountain regions of northern Arkansas. She has been writing professionally for four years. Her accomplishments include various short stories, novellas and articles for online magazines. She is currently working on an anthology of World War I and II veterans’ stories and a historical novel.

Marilyn Diephuis Sweeney currently juggles five careers: teaching college composition, fitness and piano, directing a children’s choir, and managing marketing for an electronics firm she and her husband, Don, own. She has published articles in professional journals and newspapers and given presentations at writing conferences. She and Don live in Glenview, Illinois, where, carrying on her father’s tradition, they enjoy gardening.

Ruth Szukalowski, fifty-five years old, is a housewife and mother and has been married for thirty-five years. She has five children and three grandchildren. Ruth makes wildlife quilts and quillows (quilt-in-a-pillow). She enjoys gardening, fishing, archery, reading and birding. She can be reached at R.R. 3 Box 191, Cornell, MI 49818-9409.

Ann Pehl Thomson is an avid gardener and has taught horticulture to students of all ages. After four decades in the sunny Southwest, a recent move to the Northwest is challenging her to learn successful gardening under gray, soggy skies. Currently, Ann lives with her husband and two sons near Seattle, Washington.

Skye Trimble is a freelance writer working in the documentary film industry in the Washington, D.C. area. She originally wrote “A Million Trees” for the book, Stone Soup for the World by Marianne Larned, which features inspirational stories about humanitarianism. Contact her at: 2546A South Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, VA 22206 or by e-mail at: [email protected]

Stuart C. Vincent is a 1923-born Santa Rosa, California, native and lifelong resident. He agrees with Luther Burbank that it’s “the city designed for living.” He and his wife, Geets, teach elders autobiographical writing through the local junior college. They’re freelancers and members of the Bay Area Travel Writers and Sonoma County Press Club. Contact them at [email protected] or via fax at 707-528-0749.

Pamela Waterman taught high school English for seventeen years. After leaving teaching she took up garden writing and photography. She writes a column for the Pasadena Star News and gives slide lectures on gardening topics. She is currently working on a book about Pasadena gardens. She can be reached at 585 Laguna Road, Pasadena, CA 91105, or by fax: 626-799-4336.

Nita Waxelman, retired freelance advertising copywriter and newspaper columnist, is currently working on her memoirs, Pocketful of Sunbeams, which includes the story “Iva Mae’s Birthday.” Now living in the Missouri Ozarks, she enjoys gardening, trout-fishing, one grumpy cat and a husband who looks like a skinny Santa Claus.

Ken Weber has been a newspaper writer, editor and columnist for more than thirty-five years. Currently he is a nature/wildlife columnist for the Providence (R.I.) Journal and editor of a newsletter for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island. The author of several books on hiking, canoeing and nature subjects, he lives in Greenville, Rhode Island.

Marion BondWest is an inspirational author and speaker. She has written for Guideposts for twenty-eight years and is a contributing editor. She’s also authored six books and written for about fifteen other magazines. She may be contacted by calling 706-353-6523 or writing 1330 DaAndra Dr., Watkinsville, GA 30677.

Valerie Wilcox is a native Minnesotan who has left the long, bitter cold winters for the more tropical Zone 5 (upstate New York). However, she misses Minnesota very much. When she isn’t trying to plant things she has no business putting in the ground, like stuff from Zone 6, she raises organically-grown cut flowers for local markets in Stone Ridge, New York.

Tom Wilson launched his cartoon, “Ziggy,” America’s loveable hapless hero, in 1971 in fifteen newspapers. Ziggy now appears in 600 newspapers, countless books and calendars, and in more than 50 million greeting cards purchased each year. The televised animation special, “Ziggy’s Gift,” won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Special.

Rayne Wolfe keeps busy penning a syndicated career advice column “What Works,” scribbling short stories to read on NPR, teaching writing and working on a book about living with a cop. Rayne’s stories have been published nationwide. She recently left executive recruiting to become a cub reporter (at age 44!) for The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, California. You can reach her at [email protected]

Nicolle Woodward is a resident of beautiful Bennington, Vermont, and just beginning her writing career. She has always been an avid reader, but started to write poetry and short stories seriously just a few years ago. Her theory? Enjoy each day and thank God for his blessings.

Bob Zahn has had thousands of his cartoons in all the leading publications including Woman’s World, Better Homes & Gardens, Reader’s Digest, First, and many others. Hundreds of his greeting cards have been published by major greeting card companies. Six of his humor books have been published. Bob’s email address is [email protected]

Linda Jin Zou is currently working on her first fiction under the working title of Her Choices, portraying a Chinese woman as she confronts changes and moral dilemmas brought about by the new economic and political landscape in China. She can be reached at 3712 Benthaven, Fort Collins, CO 80526, or at [email protected]

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