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Who Is John P. Gardner Jr.?

After twenty years of study and 3,000 interviews with the world’s most productive entrepreneurs and military, political and business leaders, John Gardner discovered the habits they employed that led to their success. He studies history and has found leaders and entrepreneurs have employed these same habits for 2,000 years. They are copyable and duplicatable by the young and the old, educated and uneducated, regardless of race or religion. A compelling speaker and writer, John reveals these thought-provoking insights through stories that leave his audiences with the belief that they too can achieve their dreams and that what others may deem impossible is truly attainable.

John is the author of Bound in the Bible, coauthor of Living at the Summit—A Novel Approach to an Exceptional Life, and one of the Expert Members of Alexander Haig’s World Business Review Advisory Board. In addition, John is a nationally recognized expert in the field of identity theft and a leader in the rising market of prepaid legal coverage.

He began his career as a third-generation attorney after completing both his undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees in only five and one-half years. During the twenty-three years that he practiced actively, his law firm grew tenfold in thirty-six months to become one of the largest legal practices in South Carolina—including six locations. The firm won the American Bar Association’s award for the most dignified legal marketing in the nation.

While he practiced, he also served for eight years as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and for four years as a member of the South Carolina Department of Highways and Public Transportation Commission. He also actively served in Kairos, a prison ministry, and is a Gideon.

For further information about John, please contact:

John Gardner
The Gardner Alliances, Inc.
204 Country Club Road
Darlington, SC 29532
e-mail: [email protected]

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