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Carrol Abel is known for her photography of wild horses and can often be found walking the desert landscape just east of Reno, Nevada. Through countless hours of observing and documenting their quest for survival, Carol has brought us the Wild Spirit Collection. Visit

Vicki Austin lives with her husband, Ron, in Hartford, Maine. They have three sons, three daughters-in-law and three grandchildren with more on the way. She has taught riding and trained horses for thirty five years. Vicki has shown in dressage, eventing and now mostly rides long distance. Her “regular job” is as a child care aid and she also sews.

Nancy Bailey is the author of Clifford of Drummond Island, the true story of her rascallyMorgan horse, and its sequel, Return toManitou. This wildlife artist and freelance writer is originally from Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. She has lived in Alaska, Arizona, California and Colorado. She now resides in Michigan with her horses, dogs and cats.

Mikkel Becker is a broadcast journalism major at Washington State University. Living summers on her north Idaho horse ranch, she is also a contributing writer for Cat Fancy Magazine and Knight Ridder newspapers.

Karen Bumgarner is a second-generation horseperson who has ridden over 19,000 miles on AERC sanctioned rides, an accomplishment shared with less than twenty other AERC members. Western Horseman first published her articles in 1981. As a writer, she has written over one hundred articles on endurance riding and horse care, plus two books, America’s Long Distance Challenge and The Endurance Horse Daily Planner log book and journal.

Sissy Burggraf’s work is also featured in the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul. Sissy was born in a small town in southern Ohio. After working for eight years as a veterinary assistant, she opened Lost Acres Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation. LAHRR was established in 1994 as an alternative to euthanasia, slaughter or abandonment for abused, neglected or injured horses. Visit LAHRR at

Heidi Bylsma and her family moved to the country three years ago to fulfill her lifelong dream of having horses in the backyard. Spending most daylight hours homeschooling Daniel and his sister, Michaela, horses consume any remaining waking moments in Heidi’s day. Visit Heidi on the Internet at

Renee Chambers is a dancer, drummer, skydiver, marathon runner and yogi. She lives on her northern Nevada ranch with her husband, Robert, and her artist-horse, Cholla. To contact Renee or enjoy Cholla’s art, please visit

Cheryl Ann Dudley lives in Moscow, Idaho, and is a freelance writer and a writer for the Appaloosa Journal. Her published works include biographies in Harvard University’s African American National Biographies as well as Gale’s Contemporary Black Biographies, monthly newsletters for the Department of Health and Welfare and several poems in various journals.

Melissa Dymock has been published in the Utah Statesman and The Hard News Café. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in journalism and a minor in animal science. Melissa was raised on a farm in Utah but is currently a displaced country girl saving for some land and a horse.

Therese Evans is a full-time assistant trainer and instructor at Wilde Fields Farm in Hunting Valley, Ohio. She lives with her husband and son in Mentor, Ohio, and enjoys eventing her off-the-track Thoroughbred, Heartland Hero. Therese has previously been published in Reflections magazine and enjoys writing about her love of horses as a hobby.

Amelia Gagliano lives with her husband, Gary, in Vacaville, California. Oskar continues to amaze and amuse. He has appeared in the Horse of Kings Magazine annual calendar, Horse Illustrated and California Riding Magazine. For photos of Oskar and more information about Lipizzans, please visit

Alison Gieschen has been a vaulting coach for thirteen years. The sport has truly been a transformational experience. It has developed shy and introspective kids into creative and outgoing leaders and it has taught Alison that there is sometimes a greater learning experience in being a teacher than in being a student.

Fred Glueckstein is a writer living in Maryland. He specializes in nonfiction. Fred’s work has appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse, Horses in Art, Equestrian, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred and Finest Hour, the official journal of the Churchill Centre. He is the author of The ’27 Yankees, (Xlibris 1-888-795-4274).

Dr. Jeanna Godfrey graduated from Texas A&M University Veterinary College in 1980. She has been in practice for over twenty five years and lives in South Texas with her husband, Larry. She is the author of the book, How Horses Learn, Equine Psychology Applied to Training, available through major Internet booksellers or at

Barbara S. Greenstreet is a freelance writer and parenting consultant in Washington State. She and her husband, with their three children, have cared for and shared a home with a menagerie of animals from honeybees to horses. Visit Barbara at

Evelyn B. Hanggi, M.S., Ph.D., is an equine behaviorist and cognition researcher as well as the president and, along with program director Jerry Ingersoll, the cofounder of the Equine Research Foundation located in the coastal hills of Aptos, California. She is also a horse trainer, horsemanship instructor and writer for journals and magazines worldwide. Visit the ERF Web site: or call (831) 662-9577.

Cindy Johnson Harper’s latest project is a series of inspirational contemporary novels set in the “Big Country” region of west Texas. The series draws upon Cindy’s upbringing on her family’s 100-year-old ranch to portray realistic rural Texas characters and situations.

Lori Hein writes on a range of topics and publishes a travel blog enjoyed by readers worldwide, A globetrotter for twenty five years, her essay is from Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, a book about family, freedom, hope and discovery that recounts Lori’s 12,000-mile, back-road odyssey.

Dawn Hill is a former Pony Club leader, horse lover and freelance writer who lives in Camas, Washington. When not riding or writing, Dawn works at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library in Vancouver, Washington. Visit her Web site at

Kathleen Hooks was diagnosed with MS when she was nineteen and subsequently changed her dreams of becoming a famous equestrian to become a high school teacher and writer in Baltimore. She recently completed a manuscript of nonfiction stories entitled, But I Don’t Want Wheelchair Grease on My Wedding Dress. Enjoy Kathleen’s writing at

Linda K. Hren received her first pony as a Christmas gift when she was eight years old. To celebrate horses as partners in healing, Linda cofounded Horses of Hope, which hosts free equine-related events for survivors of lifethreatening illness and holds fundraisers for equine rescue and therapeutic riding. For information on Horses of Hope, e-mail [email protected].

Anne Hope worked for over fifteen years in the operating room of a large university veterinary hospital. Anne and her husband live in Pennsylvania. They have two grown children. Anne spends most of her free time training and showing her two Welsh Corgis in dog agility.

Stephanie Shertzer Lawson is one of the lucky girls whose parents actually bought her that pony. A former American Saddlebred exhibitor and current polo player, she founded and publishes the award-winning magazine Pennsylvania Equestrian ( She also handles public relations and marketing for equestrian events including the Pennsylvania National Horse Show.

Jacklyn Lee Lindstrom, a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, realized a lifelong dream when she moved to the country and spent the next twenty five years raising horses. Now a golden-ager, she finds the bones too brittle, so she spends her time painting and writing about those magnificent creatures.

Vikki Marshall is the owner of Destiny Farms Sporthorses, a small breeder of Thoroughbred performance horses. She has successfully competed in hunter and dressage competitions, breeds and trains all of her own horses and prides herself on successfully re-training horses who have been neglected. She was an honorable mention in the 2002 Olympiad of the Arts short story competition and was published in Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul (1st edition).

Tom Maupin’s work appeared in the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul. He penned his contribution to the second edition while working to restore power to Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims. Tom was introduced to the wonderful world of horses by his wife, Crystal. They enjoy trail riding with their children, Jim and Stacy, as often as they can.

Cooky McClung has written equestrian features for The Chronicle of the Horse, Practical Horseman and other equine publications for more than thirty years. Recently retired after ten years as a staff writer for The Kent News onMaryland’s Eastern Shore, her husband, Jim, seven children and spouses, and ten grandchildren provide endless stories about lives blessed with horses.

Merri Melde is an award-winning writer and equine photographer, an addicted world traveler, an obsessed endurance rider and the proud owner of Stormy. She is currently at work on a book of her horseback adventures around the world. You can visit Merri and enjoy her photography at

Jennifer Forsberg Meyer lives in a rural area of Northern California with her husband and their Pony Clubber daughter, Sophie Elene. An award-winning journalist and author, Jennifer writes a monthly column for Horse & Rider magazine and is the author of two books. She also writes and edits Growing Up With Horses: Parents’ Handbook & Resource Guide, an annual publication.

Jane Middelton-Moz is a bestselling author and highly regarded clinician specializing in childhood trauma, suicide prevention and community intervention. Her latest book, Bullies, has been widely praised as an essential resource for schools and parents. Jane is the director of the Middelton-Moz Institute, a division of the Institute of Professional Practice. Contact her at j[email protected]

Kim Morton is an attorney in private practice and lives in Montana with her husband and equine companions. Kim is reaching out to parents dealing with Selective Mutism in hopes she can offer insight that makes life easier for them and their children.

Wendy Wade Morton, D.V.M. and her husband, W. Bryant Morton, another veterinarian, opened Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital in rural southeastern North Carolina in 1996. Together they raise colorful, gaited horses and hope to enjoy an early retirement at their farm in middle Tennessee to raise their boys, horses and wine grapes!

Kathryn Navarra is a freelance writer for a number of equine publications, as well as a few local business journals. Most recently, she has been working for Unbridled TV on a part-time basis. She has been involved with horses for the past eighteen years as an owner and rider. Kathryn’s father continues his work with a local charity group to host an annual “Cowboy-Roundup” dinner with proceeds going to benefit children with cancer and their families.

Sandra Newell lives in Grass Valley, California, with her husband, Pete, and their twenty-month-old son, Christopher. Sandra has loved horses for as long as she can remember. Kahluah is retired and she is teaching Christopher how to ride.

Leslie A. Paradise learned about Horses Help, a therapeutic riding program for people with special needs, when her husband, John, suddenly passed away. Leslie joined as a volunteer and went on to become a therapeutic riding and driving instructor through NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association). She has been teaching for six years and owns two horses. Visit Horses Help at

Mark Parisi’s “off the mark” comic panel has been syndicated since 1987 and is distributed by United Media. Mark’s humor also graces greeting cards, Tshirts, calendars,magazines, newsletters and books. Please vist hisWeb site at: Lynn is his wife, and business partner, and their daughter, Jenny, contributes with inspiration, (as do three cats).

Boots Reynolds is a talented, rich, good lookin’ cowboy. He’s a great dancer, has most of his own teeth and will have the rest paid off when he receives his check for the illustration featured in this edition. Considered a great catch, he has five wives (in his dreams) and a waiting list, will fish with just about anyone and has never told a fib… okay, maybe just one. Visit Boots and enjoy his work at or

Katie Reynolds lives in Denver, Colorado, with her horse, Sam. She has a degree in equine science and works for a major horse breed association.

Lawrence Schimel (New York, 1971) is a full-time, freelance author, anthologist and translator. He has lived in Spain since January 1999 where he writes picture books in Spanish, together with the Spanish illustrator Sara Rojo Pérez, such as La aventura de Cecilia y el dragón, No hay nada como el original, or Como librarse de un unicornio.

Tracy Schumer is a fourth generation native of Florida whose family roots rest in the cattle and citrus industries. Tracy takes pride in the name “Cracker.” A freelance writer, photographer, and lifetime horsewoman, her work has appeared in numerous publications including The NRHA Reiner, AQHA Journal, and Western Horseman.

Valerie K. Shull has recently turned her lifelong experience, love and admiration for horses into a business specializing in products for horses at play or leisure. Her very playful Morgan horse, Zita, is the inspiration for her product ideas and her writing. Valerie lives in Ohio, but her Horseplay Products can be seen at

Joyce Stark lives in northeast Scotland and works for the Community Mental Health. Her hobby is writing about people around her and those she meets on her travels in the USA. She has completed a series to introduce very young children to a second language and is currently working on a travel journal of her trips, Small Town/Big City America. E-mail: [email protected].

Janet Steinberg is a writer of profiles of adult, amateur riders and athletes in publications such as Eventing, Practical Horseman, Runner’s World and various newspapers. Selected profiles have been published in a book entitled Mining for Gold. Her poetry appears in a coffee table photography book, Telluride, Landscapes and Dreams. Janet is currently working on a short story collection entitled Step Stories.

Jean Stewart is a writer and editor in Mission Viejo, California, who specializes in history, travel and parenting. Married for forty five years, mother of two horse-loving daughters and grandmother of one, she’s been published in the Chicken Soup series, Cup of Comfort, ByLine, California Living, Aviation Lifestyles and several other publications.

Lauren Thoma is thirteen years old and has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She hopes to be a journalist someday. Lauren believes that when she looks into the eyes of her beloved new horse, Citi Lights, she sees a little bit of Bailey, “The Wonder Pony” looking back.

Tracy Van Buskirk lives in Connecticut and shares her household with her husband, two charming teenagers and an assortment of snakes, frogs, cats and dogs. Tracy is a banker, clay artist and lover of the outdoors. Her perfect day is riding in a nearby forest with friends and chatting about life.

Eileen Watkins is a freelance writer who has published articles in the magazines Dressage Today, Horse Illustrated, HorsePeople and Horse Show and she is the author of the mystery novel Ride a Dancing Horse, from Amber Quill Press. Eileen is collaborating with Beverlee Dee on a book about Bright Futures Farm.

Janie Dempsey Watts spent much of her childhood with horses on her family’s Ringgold, Georgia, farm. Her essays have been published in Chicken Soup for Horse Lover’s Soul (1st edition), at and in Georgia Backroads (Fall, 2006). She also writes short stories and is at work on her second novel.

Jan Westmark writes a monthly humor column for Sidelines Magazine, published out of Wellington, Florida. Having spent all of her life riding, Jan runs a small lesson and show barn in Wellington. When not teaching or caring for horses, Jan puts her journalism degree to use by writing for several magazines. She also serves as a groom for her daughter who competes jumpers.

Janice Willard, D.V.M., M.S. is married with two children and lives on a small farm in Idaho shared by horses, goats, sheep and llamas. The household also includes several dogs, cats and a very officious parrot. Janice and her husband are veterinarians and Janice studies animal behavior, is passionate about music and loves to sing. Contact Janice at [email protected].

Jennifer Williams, Ph.D. is president of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society ( writes equine behavior articles for EQUUS. She also maintains an equine behavior Web site at You can reach the HELP Center at

Katrina Wood is a frequent contributing writer for equine newspapers and magazines. She specializes in long and short term equine care, breeding and foaling, injury rehabilitation and is certified in a host of alternative equine therapies. Katrina was appointed an American Morgan Horse Association Woman of the Year and received the RW Breeder’s Award from the American Saddlebred Horse Association in 2004.

Carrie Young is the author of four books. She and her family had many adventures in raising Welsh (and some Shetland) ponies for forty years on their Ohio farm as told in Green Broke, winner of the Ohioana Library Award.

Her other books, Nothing to Do but Stay (a memoir), The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains and Prairie Cooks (written with her daughter Felicia) all feature the North Dakota background of her childhood. Contact: Univ. of Iowa Press, the Kuhl House, Iowa City, IA 52242

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