From Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul




A Mother Is Born Regina Phillips

Light Jacquelyn Mitchard

Spring of ’59 Jean Kinsey

Confessions Linda Sultan

The Reunion Kathy N. Jublou

The Needle Julie Firman

The Education Ring Brenda Jordan

Selfless Support Elizabeth Bezant

The Princess Dress Anne Goodrich

The Birth of Daughters Karen C. Driscoll

Moving in with Mom Carol Sjostrom Miller

The Rocker Kendeyl Johansen

Always a Mother Elizabeth Sharp Vinson


Abigail’s Dove Karen Majoris-Garrison

The Mother of Mother’s Day Hallmark

In Your Eyes Melissa Peek

A Bus Trip for Mom on Mother’s Day Anne Schraff

Arm in Arm Pam Robbins

The World’s Worst Mother Polly Anne Wise

My Original Role Deborah Shouse

A Secret for Mom Susan Spence

And You Always Will LeAnn R. Ralph

Things I Never Told My Mother Eda LeShan

Is It Asking Too Much? The Reverend Melissa Hollerith


The Magic Jar Years Cassie Moore

The Best Day Ever Patricia Lorenz

The Nicest Thing My Mother Ever Said to Me Marilyn Pribus

The Queen of Coleslaw Annmarie Tait

The Magic Pillow Nancy B. Gibbs

Monkey Bar Courage Karen C. Driscoll

Nothing but the Truth Winfield Firman

Cinderella Tekla Dennison Miller

Thirsty Nancy B. Gibbs

Don’t Close the Door Christie Kelley Montone

Happy Birthday, Baby Kim Childs

Making Memories Tonna Canfield


A Second Chance Cynthia Blatchford

Little Dolly Jennifer M. Paquette

Pantyhose Hair Annette Marie Hyder

An Angel in Disguise Alice Lundy Blum

Clothes Closet Reflections Patricia Lorenz

Certificate of Graduation from Childhood into Adolescence Rebecca Reid

And Baby Makes Two Cie Simurro

Who’ll Water My Teardrops? Win Herberg

The Nightgown Alicia Nordan

Climb On Judy Henning

Heave Ho Betty A. King

Fifteen-Minute Rule Ferna Lary Mills

You Have to Try, Mom Paul Karrer

The Death I Shared with My Mother Eda LeShan


A Cup of Coffee Barb Huff

Perfect Vision Karen C. Driscoll

A Fib and the Matinee Mary Alice Dress Baumgardner

The Littlest Daughter Julie Firman

Chasing Butterflies Karen Majoris-Garrison

The Rag Doll Sandra Schnell

More Than a Pair of Gloves Julia Alene Doyle

The Gift Anne Lambert

Running Role Model Mindy Pollack-Fusi

The Stick Paula D’Arcy

What a Grandmother Is Patsy Gray, aged 9

Thoughts on Being a Grandmother Donna M. Hoffman


I Am My Mother Anne Tews Schwab

The Baby Book Julie Bete

Beach Talk Judith Marks-White

The Bentwood Rocker Cindy Phiffer

Lullaby for My Mother Bella Kudatsky

The Deep “Well!” Karen O. Krakower

Yeah? Well . . . Whatever! Phyllis W. Zeno

The Look M. M. English

Mom SAID/She MEANT Donna Lee

Take My Hand Charlotte A. Lanham

Thanksgiving Dinner and Infant Seats Frances Firman Salorio

Letting Go and Holding On Lisa West


Mama-Cat Lynn Seely

All My Mothers Mary Seehafer Sears

The Ring Kelly Salasin

Hold Your Head up High Vickie Leach

The Lost Heart Therese Brady Donohue

Blessings Colleen Foye Bollen

The Prom That Almost Wasn’t Kate Clabough

The Cosmic Click Rachel Fink

A Legacy of Love Joan Borysenko

A Message for the Bride Eileen Hehl

Lunch Dates Laura Lagana

Angel Escort Elissa Hadley Conklin

The Club Susan B. Townsend

Mother’s Goblets Debra Ann Pawlak


“Is It Fun Being a Mommy?” DeAnna Sanders

Résumé of the Heart Kathleen Swartz McQuaig

Girls Phyllis W. Zeno

The Little Jungle Donna Thiel-Kline

I Love My Body . . . Now Regina Phillips

Thank Heaven for My Mother-in-Law Judy Perry

The Unwrapped Gift Sallie Rodman

Sunflower Success Kristal M. Parker

A Mother Listens Carolee Hudgins

If I Could Be a Mother Again Julie Firman

Who Is Jack Canfield?

Who Is Mark Victor Hansen?

Who Is Dorothy Firman?

Who Is Julie Firman?

Who Is Frances Firman Salorio?



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