About American Humane Association

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About American Humane Association

For over 100 years, one organization has been standing guard over America’s children and America’s animals, keeping them safe and working tirelessly to improve their futures.

Born in the years after the Civil War, American Humane Association has been behind virtually every major advance in the protection of our most vulnerable, from creating the nation’s first child labor laws to saving the Bald Eagle, rescuing animals from war, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, and pioneering programs to prevent abuse, cruelty, and neglect.

Today, American Humane Association helps ensure the welfare of one billion farm animals, works to keep pets and children safe from harm, protects 100,000 animal actors each year on film and television production sets, brings life-saving and life-altering emergency services to children, animals and communities struck by disasters, uses animal therapy to provide healing and hope to military families and children with cancer, and researches ways to keep more of the eight million pets abandoned each year in loving, forever homes.

The country’s first humane organization, and the only one dedicated to protecting both children and animals, American Humane Association has been uniquely effective in working with others for the common good: parents, teachers, scientists, farmers, ranchers, animal advocates, and anyone interested in speaking for the voiceless and effecting lasting change.

A moderate and mainstream voice in a sometimes contentious world, American Humane Association bases its programs on both science and sentiment, “heart” as well as “smart,” as it strives to bring commonsense solutions to some of our most complex challenges so that together we may build more humane communities and a more humane world.

To learn more or join them in their important work, please go to www.americanhumane.org or call 866-242-1877.

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