Thank You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reboot Your Life

Thank You

Thank you, all of you life changers. We owe huge thanks to every one of you who shared your story about how you have rebooted your life. Your stories will inspire tens of thousands of people to follow their dreams, pursue their passions, and find purpose and meaning in their lives, even if that means starting over.

We know that you poured your hearts and souls into the thousands of stories and poems that you submitted, and we appreciate your willingness to share your lives with us. We could only publish a small percentage of the stories that were submitted, but our editorial team read every single submission — and there were thousands! Even the stories that do not appear in the book influenced us and affected the final manuscript.

We want to thank VP & Assistant Publisher D’ette Corona for making the first pass through the stories and putting together a list of contenders for us. She also worked with all the contributors to approve our edits and answer our questions as we perfected every story that appears in the book. Managing Editor and Production Coordinator Kristiana Pastir oversaw the long journey from Word document to finished manuscript to proofs to cartons of finished books and Senior Editor Barbara LoMonaco oversaw the story submissions and proofread the final layout.

Lastly, we owe a very special thanks to our creative director and book producer, Brian Taylor at Pneuma Books, for his brilliant vision for our cover and for the interior design.

~Amy Newmark and Claire Cook

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