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Throughout my life I’ve had a deep connection with a world beyond the physical. I’ve felt the presence of loving energy surrounding me, guiding me and sometimes even communicating through me. As a motivational speaker and author, I’ve surrendered to this undeniable guidance to help me fully express the work I am here to bring forth. Whenever I invite this presence into my life, I always, without fail, receive intuitive guidance.

You can call this guidance whatever you want. Call it the energy of love, call it spirit, call it Higher Power, call it angels, call it whatever resonates with you most. The fact is, we all have the capacity to connect to a presence beyond our physical site. We are all being guided.

The only obstacle is the fact that we forget. From birth onward we build up a wall that separates us from the loving presence of spiritual guidance. In time we forget to call on it, and then we forget it’s there altogether. We begin to rely on reason and logic and the beliefs of the physical world. We renounce our metaphysical connection and in effect we lose our greatest source of power. Henry David Thoreau said, “I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do.” This collection of powerful, personal stories will undoubtedly help you learn to trust your guides, no matter what form they take.

When I first opened Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel, I immediately felt reconnected to my spiritual presence. I felt a strong inner knowing that this book was going to be a powerful piece of work that would reignite our collective spiritual faith. While reading the very first story in the book, I got chills all over my body.

The story happened to be about someone I know and I admire deeply who lost her son in the Sandy Hook school shooting. In the story, Natasha Stoynoff describes how her good friend, the late Norris Mailer, planned to send her a message from beyond using the word “Scarlett.” When an overworked Natasha was contacted about helping a grieving mother from Sandy Hook write a book about the messages she was receiving from her son, Natasha was going to say no… until she heard the mother’s name—Scarlett. And the relationship was cemented when Scarlett told Natasha that her mother was visiting and she had just finished reading a book by Norris Mailer!

I felt overwhelmed with joy to see my friend Scarlett mentioned in the book. This was no coincidence. It was guidance that I was on the right track and that I was meant to write this foreword. Spiritual guidance comes in many forms. In this case it came through the text of this book.

We all have our own ways of connecting to the spiritual realm. Maybe you connect through inner visions, or maybe you receive strong intuitive thoughts. Possibly you connect through writing, speaking or creative projects. In many cases you may receive guidance through songs, words people say or even technology. Our loving guides are working through us at all times; they are always present. We receive this guidance in ways that are authentic to who we are. We receive it in a way we will be able to believe.

This book will remind you to listen to those guides, to heed your inner voice and to pay attention to any messages that come your way. You’ll read a great story by Johanna Richardson, who did that late one night when she was strangely compelled to drive right past her exit to visit her husband’s grandmother instead. A few minutes after she arrived, her husband walked in, having left in the middle of his night shift as a police detective. He too had felt a sudden, unexplained urge to visit Grandma. A few hours after the visit, Johanna got a call from the nursing home. Grandma had just passed away. Imagine how glad Johanna and her husband were that they had listened to the mysterious guidance they received.

If you have felt the desire to strengthen your connection to your spiritual guidance, you are in the right place. It’s likely that you were guided here. Maybe the book fell off the shelf, or a tweet caught your eye, or a random Amazon notification popped into your inbox. Smile knowing that you’ve been guided to a magnificent book that will reignite your faith in your guides. Allow each story to touch your soul and remind you that you are surrounded by love.

Let this book help you find power when you feel powerless. Use it as a catalyst for creating more flow, synchronicity and ease in every area of your life. As you turn each page, remember that you are never alone. Remember that you are always Touched by an Angel.

~Gabrielle Bernstein

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