18: The Falling Air Compressor

18: The Falling Air Compressor

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles

The Falling Air Compressor

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I will be saved, for You are my praise.

~Jeremiah 17:14

As my husband Dave and his friends were positioning the eight-hundred-pound air compressor, it suddenly began to fall. Dave’s friends stepped back but Dave, standing directly in front of it, reached out to steady it. The result? The air compressor went back into its proper position, and all seemed well for a few seconds until my husband doubled over in pain.

Dave wasn’t one to complain about sickness or pain. He struggled into the house with the help of his friends and lay on the floor. He refused to see the doctor and, over the next several hours, muscle spasms began to run the full length of his spine.

Dave still refused to discuss the pain, but his facial expressions and the occasional tear that ran down his cheeks revealed the truth. By this time, he was unable to get off the floor. He finally agreed to go to the chiropractor, thinking that a spinal adjustment would ease the problem.

After my son and I managed to get him into the passenger seat of the car, I cautiously drove him the fifteen miles to the chiropractor, who had helped him through previous injuries. After an evaluation of Dave’s condition, the doctor felt he could not help and suggested we go to our family doctor. That involved another agonizing trip in the car.

After several X-rays and other diagnostic procedures, we had the final verdict. Our family doctor had seen injuries like this before and knew that nothing but surgery would help. He asked if Dave wanted him to make an emergency appointment with a spinal surgeon so he could have the surgery as quickly as possible.

My husband had never had any type of surgical procedure—even a minor one—and he completely rejected the idea of someone cutting into his back. I wondered what in the world we would do at this point. He was still bent over in anguish, and he walked with a noticeable limp, which I assumed was from his continued “bent” position.

The week before all this occurred, we had contacted a local pastor to whom we knew God had given the gift of healing. Since our son had neurological difficulties that medications and doctors could not seem to adequately control, we had made an appointment with this pastor on behalf of our son. In spite of Dave’s condition, which had only grown worse during the preceding two or three days, my husband insisted we keep the appointment with the pastor. Again, we managed to get my husband into the passenger seat while I drove.

We had been seated in the pastor’s office for several minutes, explaining our son’s situation while saying nothing of my husband’s injury. Dave had a steel will and he was able to conceal most of his pain at this point. Since we did not personally know this pastor, we thought he assumed my husband’s bent-over position was permanent for some reason.

As the pastor began praying for our son, he suddenly stopped, turned from our son, and looked at Dave. He paused for a moment and then quietly said, “I am being led not to pray for your son, but for you, Dave. The Lord has told me you have had a serious back injury. What happened?”

We looked at each other in astonishment, for we knew this pastor had no previous knowledge of my husband’s situation. After we briefly explained the air compressor accident, the pastor said, “Stretch both of your legs out in front of you.” I could see from Dave’s expression that even this amount of movement caused great pain, but he did as asked. In astonishment, I looked twice at what I had difficulty believing the first time.

One of my husband’s legs was a full two inches shorter than the other. Since this had not been the case before the air compressor accident, I knew that the terrible muscle spasms had drawn up his leg. That was the reason for his limp.

The pastor took hold of Dave’s feet and began praying in the Lord’s name that he receive a full healing. He prayed for the shortened leg to be restored to its normal length, that no lingering effects remain, and that God be given all the praise for the healing.

As the pastor continued praying, thanking God for the healing he knew was coming, a divine presence seemed to fill the room that made all of us look toward Dave’s outstretched legs. We watched in amazement as the shortened leg slowly began lengthening, eventually matching the length of the unaffected leg. I had previously heard of healings such as this but had never witnessed one myself. Yet as I watched Dave’s leg slowly “grow” to its proper length, I knew I was witnessing a miracle. As I looked toward my son, I saw that his eyes were as big as saucers, too.

During the next few days, the slight soreness that remained after the pastor’s prayer completely vanished, and Dave’s body was restored to its previous healthy condition. Never again did that injury cause my husband any problems!

~Carol Goodman Heizer

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