81: An Angel for Becki

81: An Angel for Becki

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles

An Angel for Becki

Pay attention to your dreams—God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.

~The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman

The darkness was oppressive as she wobbled in heels along the side of the highway. The car had choked to an unexpected halt, and like a normal teenager she did the only thing she could think of . . . get out and walk.

It was cold and late, and the young girl shivered as the reality of her situation became clear. Home was far away. This could be a long night. If only someone would stop and offer her a ride—anyone—and preferably soon. She offered up a prayer for help and plodded on.

The lights of a truck shone from behind her as it approached. “Maybe he will stop,” she hoped. The brake lights flashed on as it halted. “He’s stopping!” Her words were lost in the night.

The transport ground to a screeching halt and the cab door opened. A wordless invitation was extended and she understood. Without hesitation the girl climbed up into the seat and closed the door. Slowly the truck pulled back onto the road and disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

I bolted upright in my bed, lathered in sweat. Was that a dream or was it a vision? It was unbelievably real, and the girl was my daughter! I jumped from my bed and ran to her room, positive I would see her sleeping soundly under the covers.

Her bed was empty. I stood in horror trying to think why she had not come home. As the mental fog began to lift, I remembered she was visiting with friends that evening. Perhaps she stayed there for the night. It was 1:30 a.m. but I raced to the phone and dialed a number.

“Hello?” The voice was heavy with sleep.

“Hey. Sorry to wake you. Becki didn’t come home tonight and I was wondering if she stayed at your place?”

“No, she left here a few hours ago. She should have been home at least by midnight!” The voice on the other end began to reflect my own panic.

I told her about the vision that woke me. She promised to pray, and we hung up.

Instantly I felt a force upon me, a spiritual presence driving me to prayer. Over the next forty-five minutes I alternated between lying prostrate in petition and pacing the floor in praise.

At 2:15 a.m. lights appeared as a car turned up our long driveway. I could tell immediately that it was not my daughter’s. Was it a patrol car?

My face pressed against the window. I could not breathe.

A small vehicle pulled in front of the house, and tears stung as I watched my precious daughter emerge from the car and make her way up the steps.

Throwing open the door, I pulled her inside, hugging her tightly while plying her with questions.

“My car stopped on the highway and I decided to walk home.” She began to explain. “I knew I was never going to make it in my dress shoes so I prayed that someone would give me a ride. A truck slowed down and was about to stop, then suddenly picked up speed again and carried on. Right after he drove away, a car with a mother and daughter stopped and offered me a ride. They saw the truck begin to stop as they passed me and were concerned, so they turned around and came back.”

There were no words to describe the emotions that screamed through me. Her story was an exact parallel to the vision that woke me from deep sleep. God had provided an intercessor for His child in an hour of grave danger.

I don’t know why that truck driver decided not to stop, but something tells me it was because of an angel walking beside Becki. All I know is that I am eternally grateful to the mother who stopped to save her, and for the dream that caused me to pray for her.

~Heather Rae Rodin

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