89: When the Rocks Cried Out

89: When the Rocks Cried Out

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles

When the Rocks Cried Out

However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts.

~John Calvin

The yard of our little fishing cottage was going to disappear if we didn’t do something. This was our home but the lapping water of the beautiful lake we lived on was eating away at our shore. To make matters worse, the creek along the side of our property was doing the same thing. Our options were limited. Cement seawalls were very expensive, even if we built one ourselves, and it would take a lot of stone to go such a long way. We were teachers in a small Christian school and our income allowed for very few “extras.”

We needed to do something, so we decided to order one truck full of rocks at a time as our budget allowed. It might take a long time, but eventually the job would be complete and we would stop the erosion of our property.

As we were discussing the details of placing the rocks with John, who we hired to do the job, we learned that he had recently undergone a bitter divorce. As he shared his story with us, we saw a heartbroken, lonely, bewildered young man. My heart went out to him, and I asked him if he had a church family to help him shoulder his burden. He told us that he used to go to church but had no intention of going back. It was clear that he was quite angry with God. We knew that God was exactly Who John needed at this difficult time in his life, and we prayed that He would reveal Himself to him.

The truckload of rocks arrived, and much to our chagrin, it looked like a very small pile of rocks. The man who delivered a front-end loader to our property looked at the small pile of rocks with John and agreed that it would take many more loads to finish the job. But it was a start, however far it would go.

The next day was a long one for us at work. We taught all day and had to stay for our big annual concert that evening. John was at our home that day building what he could with the first truckload of rocks. When we got home after dark, my husband went out back with a flashlight to see how far the rocks went. After quite a while, he called for me to come outside. We walked all along the lake bank and all along the creek up to the road. The entire bank was thickly covered with white rocks! What on earth? Had John ordered more loads of rock? How would we pay for this?

Back in the house the phone was ringing. It was John. “Mrs. Schumann, did you see your rocks?” He proceeded to tell me what had happened.

He said that every time he went back to the pile to get another scoop of rock, the pile appeared to be as big as it had been in the beginning. After getting halfway across the lake edge, the rented front-end loader broke. The same man delivered the replacement machine and when he saw the pile of rocks he said, “It’s too bad it broke down. Looks like you didn’t get anything done.” John told him how far he had gotten, and neither of them could understand what was going on.

Load after load, the rock pile stayed the same. John said that our neighbor couldn’t believe it either, as he watched the amazing day unfold. After finishing the entire bank, there were rocks left over! John surrounded the culvert leading from under the road with the remaining rocks.

“All I could think of was that the Lord is blessing these people for serving Him. It was like the loaves and fishes. Mrs. Schumann, I am going to go back to church!”

All I could think of was, “The rocks cried out to John, today” (Luke 19:28-40).

~Bette Schumann

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