Label This!

Label This!

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Create Your Best Future

Label This!

The best person I will ever be, is myself.

~Torild S. Bruun

You don’t have to listen

To the rumors and hype

Or let others brand you

With a stereotype

You don’t need the clothes,

Or the shoes, or the car

Just believe in yourself, and be who you are

You can try hard in school

Without being a geek,

’Cause there’s way more to life

Than the popular clique

Joining the band doesn’t make you uncool

It’s those who say otherwise who are the fools

Join a team, or a club, or try out for the play

Don’t wait any longer, go for it today

You don’t have to be great, just get out there and start

And whatever you do, let it come from the heart

Be it music, or writing, or drama, or sports,

Don’t let anyone else make you think you fall short

Oh, the things you can do,

If you be who you are,

Just be true to yourself, and you will go far

Oh, the people you’ll meet

Of all different kinds

Just forget about labels

And open your mind

Oh, the things you will learn

And the worlds you will see

If you say to yourself:

“I’m glad to be me!!”

~Emily Adams

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