53: A Thank You from Heaven

53: A Thank You from Heaven

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses

A Thank You from Heaven

Nothing is or can be accidental with God.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My wife, Kenzie, is a Licensed Practical Nurse. She worked in a group home with adults who were severely limited, both physically and cognitively. Yet these residents were sweeter than a ten-gallon tub of frosting. These were truly remarkable individuals who epitomized resiliency and strength. Sadly, they remained prisoners of their bodies. Wheelchair-bound, they were limited in mobility and speech, yet Kenzie found creative ways to communicate and interact with them.

Although the nurses weren’t allowed to have “favorites,” Poncho definitely pulled at Kenzie’s heartstrings. He was lovably ornery, and although he was a very caring person, he gladly fulfilled the role of “grumpy old man.” Kenzie knew better. Poncho was a teddy bear of a human being, and she loved and cared for him like he was her own grandfather.

Poncho eventually passed away. It was bittersweet. God knows a brave soul such as Poncho had earned respite in Heaven. Still, those who cared for him would miss him dearly, especially Kenzie. She knew he deserved a rest break on the Other Side after a long and difficult life riddled with health problems, but she grieved his loss and missed him desperately.

A few weeks after his passing, she had a dream about Poncho. In it he appeared vibrant, youthful, and healthy, not confined to a wheelchair. He smiled at Kenzie, exuding warmth and kindness. He was at peace. Perfect. He radiated a light that shone from within. Although he didn’t utter a single word, Poncho embraced her in a loving hug, as if to say, “Thank you.” She woke from the dream in tears, blanketed with joy.

Kenzie wiped her eyes and rolled over to look at the alarm clock on our nightstand. It read 3:17 a.m. Exhaling a breath of both grief and elation, Kenzie knew she’d had a heavenly rendezvous with the spirit of her old friend. Poncho’s birthday was March 17th.

~Andy Myers

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