73: More Information

73: More Information

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses

More Information

Next to a good soul-stirring prayer is a good laugh.

~Samuel Mutchmore

While manning the Telephone Care Unit at the psychiatric hospital where I worked, I received a call one evening from a man who identified himself as the manager of a chain restaurant across the street. I was extremely busy and there were several callers on hold awaiting my attention. He explained to me that one of our patients was at his restaurant.

“What do you mean you have one of our patients at your restaurant?” I asked.

“He is at the salad bar,” the manager replied.

I was very annoyed at this point, because people sometimes stereotyped psychiatric patients. “Just because there is a man at your salad bar does not mean he is one of our patients,” I responded hastily.

“He’s naked.”

“I’ll send security to pick him up.”

Sometimes you just need more information….

~C.J. Hopkins

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