70. Real Christmas Joy

70. Real Christmas Joy

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Merry Christmas!

Real Christmas Joy

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow man.

~Herman Melville

Those new clothes I’ve been waiting for

I finally get to buy,

And I’m in such a festive mood

For Christmastime is nigh!

The store is crowded while I shop

But I don’t mind a bit;

Arms full, I rush to try things on,

Wondering how they’ll fit.

While walking past the twinkling lights

Hanging in the window,

Something there draws my attention

And my steps begin to slow…

A little face is pressed to the glass,

His eyes are shining and bright;

My glance falls to his ragged coat

And tears I have to fight.

He points to toys he cannot have,

His lips are moving fast;

His mom looks sad as she takes his hand

And tries to pull him past…

All the things she can’t afford

But wishes that she could;

Her little boy deserves much more,

He’s always been so good.

The clothes I hold now seem heavy,

They weigh upon my arm;

And suddenly my shopping spree

Has lost all of its charm.

Laying aside the things I chose

I hurry out the door,

Knowing Jesus wants me

To be generous to the poor.

I slip my gift into her hand

And feel my spirit soar!

For her eyes glisten as she leads

Her son into the store.

~Denise A. Dewald

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