7: Buried Treasure

7: Buried Treasure

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

Buried Treasure

Not-so-fun fact: The side effects of chocolate consumption in dogs can range anywhere from a little bellyache to death. In general, the smaller the dog and the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous this snack is for your pet.

Droopy was our first rescue dog. He was a Basset Hound with front legs shaped like bananas. His badly formed legs didn’t slow him down and he loved to run laps around the house and play with our other Basset, Buster. Droopy liked to snuggle, and slept in bed with us every night. Apparently, Droopy also had a sweet tooth.

One evening after we had Droopy for a few years, my husband Brent and I were eating dinner at the kitchen table, and we heard Droopy chewing on something in the living room. When I went to check it out, I found him chewing on a mini Tootsie Roll. After I took it away from him, Brent and I went back to eating dinner. A few minutes later, we again heard Droopy chewing on something. I found him chewing on another Tootsie Roll and took it away. This went on multiple times: Droopy appearing with a Tootsie Roll, me taking it away.

Finally, Brent and I looked at each other and wondered where he was getting the candy. Just then, Droopy came walking through the dog door. A-ha! I walked outside, and Droopy quickly followed. Then I saw him retrieve a Tootsie Roll from the yard. When I went to follow him, he led me to Tootsie Rolls that he had buried all over the yard. It seems Droopy had found a bag of candy and had the willpower to bury them all over to save them for later. Each time I took a candy away, Droopy had another one waiting for him.

I spent the rest of the night outside with a flashlight, searching for Tootsie Rolls buried in the yard.

~Kimberly Crawford

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