41: Understanding the Dog

41: Understanding the Dog

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

Understanding the Dog

Fun fact: Your shoes pick up plenty of interesting scents while you’re out and about, and dogs love to chew on them and sniff them to learn where you’ve been.

Bo an Alaska Husky

Was a boy of two

And even though he had his toys

It was shoes he liked to chew

He’d chew upon the leather

Then tuck them neatly away

As if it never happened

Fearing what I’d have to say

So one day while shopping

A pair of sneakers I did buy

Thinking this should cure the problem

They were only five ninety-five

The next day before leaving

I placed them on the floor

Goodbye, my little Bo

As I locked the old front door

Upon returning home that night

The sneakers I did see

Without a scratch upon them

Near my chewed heels by Gucci

I’ve had it, Bo, I said,

Placing the leash around his neck

A new home is where you belong

While racing for the vet

I told the vet what happened

How Bo needed a new home

The vet looked sympathetic

Letting out a little groan

Bo chews upon your shoes

For the scent, it keeps him warm

The brand-new shoes you left him

Were shoes you had not worn

It’s your scent that keeps him happy

It’s your scent that I speak of

It’s your scent that he will search for

For it’s you that Bo loves

But I will take this dog from you

And find him a happy home

Although he will need time, you see

For he’ll miss you when alone

I suddenly felt panicked

As I grabbed upon the leash

He’s my dog, dear doctor

And it’s him I wish to keep

After getting home that night

With Bo at my side

I put on those new sneakers

And ran with him in pride

The next day while leaving

I patted Bo’s head

Leaving out the now worn sneakers

Following what the doctor said

Upon arriving home that night

The sneakers they were torn

But tears ran from my eyes,

For the laces he had adorned

Wrapped around his tiny paw

And held up to his nose

Was a lace he had been sniffing

As though it were a rose

Bo now is eight years old

And still to this day

He drags around those sneakers

Whenever I’m away

~Sylvia Macchia

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