60: The Lady in the Mirror

60: The Lady in the Mirror

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: For Mom, with Love

The Lady in the Mirror

As you age naturally, your mother shows more and more on your face. If you deny that, you deny your heritage.

~Frances Conroy

I rise in the morning and bounce out of bed,

Visions of chores and errands rush through my head.

In jammies and slippers, to the kitchen I shuffle,

Hot coffee to pour, a loud yawn to muffle.

I grope through the dark, to the table I walk,

A sight I must be, much too early to talk.

I reach for my purse, now where did it go?

My cell phone was ringing, but I was too slow.

A second cup of coffee, I’m beginning to see

The dust on the table, the bookshelves, the TV.

I pull up my jeans, and turn on the light,

The zipper is stuck again, could they just be too tight?

Brush in one hand, mascara in the other,

I look in the mirror — Oh my gosh, it’s my mother!

She crept in while I slept, tippy-toed in my room,

Her hair sprinkled with gray, crow’s feet starting to bloom.

When I smile, she smiles back; she blinks with me too!

She’s still there if my hands move, when I play peek-a-boo.

I wonder what happened; I try to focus,

Someone’s played a trick on me, a little hocus-pocus.

No matter which way I turn to get back on track,

She’s still in the mirror, staring right back.

The more I gaze at her, I begin to recall,

Mother was very pretty, and I start to stand tall.

Shall I pull my hair up? A decision to make.

Mother used to wear it that way, like Veronica Lake.

I swish on some lipstick, some shadow and blush,

And now just like Mother, I’m off in a rush.

As I get dressed and ready to greet the day,

I say my good mornings to my family and go on my way.

But with each new morning I race to the bathroom to see,

My copycat mother staring right back at me!

~Terri Lacher

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