50: An Empty Garage

50: An Empty Garage

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less


An Empty Garage

The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.

~Leonard Nimoy

After we moved from our large four-bedroom house to a smaller one in a retirement community, we vowed to remain minimalists, keeping only the things we really used. Many of our new neighbors shared our commitment to minimizing our belongings; thus was born the Marigold Drive Sharing Co-Op. Our motto was Don’t Buy It — Borrow It!

We and our neighbors signed up, listing the things we owned that we would be willing to loan. Categories included items for entertaining, medical needs, sports/exercise, household items, tools, and miscellaneous. A list of available items was e-mailed to everyone.

When I hosted a gathering for new neighbors, I needed a 32-cup coffee maker and a punch bowl. They could both be found at #21 Marigold Drive. Company was coming and I needed two inflatable beds. Sure enough there was one on the loan list at #14 and another at #9.

It was amazing how many infrequently used items were instantly available just doors away. Up for loan were over 100 items including a wheelbarrow, post hole digger, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, travel iron, card tables, knife sharpener, corn hole game, croquet set, crutches, shower stool, wheelchair, walker, paper shredder, fax machine, jumper cables and even a portable sewing machine.

We have a list at our fingertips now. It saves us money, time, and space. And amazingly, we can all park our cars in our garages!

~Mary Grant Dempsey


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