40: Living to Serve

40: Living to Serve

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America

Living to Serve

When you are running away from an emergency, first responders are the ones running toward it.

~Bill Bierbaum

It was a sunny day, but the man lost control of his vehicle. His pickup truck, stuck under a larger truck in the accident, was dangling inches away from going over a high embankment, held by a guardrail that was close to letting go.

The man was alone, incredibly scared, and pinned to his seat, unable to get out. But then a paramedic with nerves of steel and a heart of gold decided to climb into the passenger seat to keep the man calm until he was rescued. Although the paramedic was being called by his crew, and told that it was dangerous, he stuck with the man and kept him talking — and even laughing — through the entire ordeal.

This man was saved, suffering only some bruises and scrapes. He called the paramedic a hero. Later, during an interview, the paramedic was modest, saying that this is what people in his line of work do. They do everything they possibly can for those who need them. To me, they sound like real-life guardian angels.

The paramedic in the story is known in our community as a hero. Personally, I call him Dad.

~Samantha Harmon-Thompson

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