42: A Gentle Warning

42: A Gentle Warning

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles

A Gentle Warning

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

~Thomas Carlyle

My husband Kurt put down the car magazine he was reading. “Sue, where’s that loud music coming from?”

Glancing up from my laptop, I replied, “I don’t hear anything.”

Kurt continued, “Are the neighbors blaring a radio outside? Maybe a car is blasting music.”

I strained my ears. No, there definitely was no music. I stood up from my recliner and walked over to the window. No neighbors were outside, and no cars were parked on our quiet cul-de-sac. Our living room was serenely quiet.

“Are you sure you don’t hear the music?” Kurt asked.

I once again affirmed that I heard nothing.

“Hmm . . . it’s gone now,” Kurt said, and he resumed reading.

I thought the incident was strange but Kurt wasn’t overly alarmed so I didn’t give it much thought.

Over the next two weeks, Kurt continued to hear music that wasn’t actually playing. He said it only lasted a minute, then stopped. This occurred several times throughout each day. He joked that it was from paint fumes, as he was a custom motorcycle painter. Then I noticed he was having trouble with his speech — mispronouncing words or not being able to find the right word. Kurt attributed it to growing older, but I knew something was wrong.

“I think you either had a stroke or have a brain tumor,” I said. I convinced Kurt to see his doctor, who immediately ordered a brain MRI. A tumor was discovered in his left temporal lobe and surgery was scheduled.

After receiving the diagnosis, the music disappeared! When I quizzed Kurt about the music he had been hearing, he recalled it was Christian in nature but not a particular song. It sounded like a combination of songs he’d heard at church that blended together into one beautiful, melodious song.

The neurosurgeon concluded the music had been produced by auditory seizures, but Kurt and I are certain it was the songs of angels, gently guiding him with an early warning to seek treatment before the tumor was too large to remove.

~Sue Carloni

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