82: God Laughs

82: God Laughs

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles

God Laughs

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

~Albert Einstein

One of the most astounding occurrences that I’ve ever witnessed at my church happened when I was hosting a group from out of town. The group included Jean, Lynette, and Audrey.

When Sunday came they decided to go to my church. It was an ecumenical group. Jean was a Roman Catholic, Audrey was a Quaker, Lynette did not attend church, and I was a Presbyterian.

As we went into the church, Lynette commented “I haven’t set foot in a church for over thirty years. The ceiling will probably come down.”

I almost always sit in the back row, but they marched in and sat right in the front row so I joined them there. We had just settled into our seats when we heard a loud crash. A chunk of one of the ceiling lamps fell down right in front of Lynette. Never before in the more than fifty years I have attended that church had such a thing happened. Furthermore, there are about thirty seats in the front row, yet the chunk fell directly in front of Lynette.

Although I am a medical doctor, I do like numbers. My undergraduate major in college was biostatistics. Probability is of special interest to me. The probability of our sitting in the front row is fairly small. The probability of a piece of a light fixture falling when one had not fallen in the previous fifty-plus years is extremely small. The probability of that piece falling in front of our row and in front of Lynette, the person who made the joke, and right after we sat down, is infinitesimally small.

Coincidence or the hand of God, you’ll have to make up your own mind. If it is the hand of God, He surely has a sense of humor. Maybe He was sending a message to Lynette: “If this is what it takes to make you believe, I will do it.”

~Doris V. Schoon

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