83: Ask and You Shall Receive

83: Ask and You Shall Receive

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles

Ask and You Shall Receive

Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation and for me the most important part is listening to God’s replies.

~Frank C. Laubach

I was planting flowers one May, and watching our four-year-old son ride his bicycle on our farm by himself. I worried that he would always be playing alone with no siblings by his side. My husband and I endured years of infertility treatments before realizing that God’s plan for us was adoption. We adopted our first son as a newborn, and he was a dream come true! But, we had always hoped for a house full of children.

When our son was two, we updated our paperwork and put our names back in the waiting “pool” along with hundreds of other couples hoping to adopt a child. I prayed daily that God would add to our family. But, I was becoming impatient and even our son was starting to question the wait.

“Mom, when do you think I will have a little brother or sister?” he asked that evening. With sadness and frustration in my heart, I replied, “You will have to ask God about that.”

Later that night, my husband arrived home, and I told him about our son’s questions and my response to him.

So, he asked our son if he had asked God.

“Yes!” our son replied. “He said it would be on Thursday.”

I tucked our son in that Monday night and quickly forgot about his divine prediction.

A few days later, I was busy preparing supper when the phone rang. I vaguely recognized the name on the caller ID. Where had I seen that name before?

“Is your husband home, too?” the pleasant voice on the line asked. “Can you call him to the phone? I have some exciting news to share,” she said.

It wasn’t registering yet, but I hollered for my husband to come to the phone. I was on the phone in the kitchen, and my husband picked up the phone in the office a few rooms away.

The call was from our adoption agency. The caseworker was calling to tell us that a baby boy was born on Monday — the same day my son sent up his prayers. The baby boy’s birth parents had decided on an adoption plan and picked us to be the adoptive parents!

I couldn’t see my husband, but I could tell by his trembling voice that he was starting to cry.

“It’s Thursday,” he said, choking back tears of joy. He had remembered our son’s prayer.

My knees went weak, and I almost fell to the floor. Just as God had told my son. It was Thursday, and this one phone call was about to change our lives forever.

The birth parents wanted to meet us the next day! I’m a planner who doesn’t generally like surprises, so this was extremely stressful but in the best way possible.

We drove to meet the birth parents three hours away on Friday. By Saturday, we were a family of four!

And, God had even more surprises for us that year as He decided to add to our family again just eleven months later by sending us a daughter, too.

~Kristine Jacobson

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