89. My Reflection in the Mirror

89. My Reflection in the Mirror

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident

My Reflection in the Mirror

In your own life it’s important to know how spectacular you are.

~Steve Maraboli

I stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror for what seemed an eternity. Next to me were the dozens of dresses I’d already tossed into the “reject” pile.

Dress shopping for my thirty-year high school reunion had become very frustrating. I’d gained weight slowly over the years and wasn’t used to my new large bosom and tummy pouch.

How could I possibly find a dress that looked good on me and how could I attend the reunion looking like this? I hadn’t seen most of my classmates since high school graduation. Surely, everyone would notice I had gained weight. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I finally settled on a simple black dress, one size too big, so it would be loose and cover my curves.

That evening I tried on the dress again at home. Who was I kidding? The dress looked horrible! Just then, as if on cue, my husband and young son walked in.

“Mom, what are you wearing?” My son giggled. “That dress is too big!”

My husband agreed. I looked at my reflection once more; I looked like I was wearing a sack. I don’t know what came over me, but I started to laugh until happy tears fell. It felt so good to laugh! It must have been contagious, because we all stood there roaring with laughter.

I returned the dress the next day and in its place I bought a bright red, formfitting dress! This time when I stood in front of the mirror, I couldn’t believe it — I loved what I saw.

I returned the dress the next day and in its place I bought a bright red, formfitting dress!

“Wow, you’re beautiful!” my husband said, when I twirled around to show him.

On the day of the reunion I was nervous. I timidly walked into the venue.

“Honey, there’s no way you can’t be seen with that beautiful red dress,” my husband said. “Flaunt it!”

He knew just what to say to make me feel better, and he was right. Just then, one of my friends ran over to hug me.

“You look amazing,” she said, excited. “I couldn’t miss you walking in with that cute dress!”

That evening I reminisced, laughed and danced the night away.

That was nine years ago. Since then, I have learned to love my body and embrace my new curves instead of hiding them.

That moment I stood in front of the mirror was a turning point for me. I realized later that those dresses I tried on didn’t look bad on my body; it was my insecurities that made them look bad.

My reflection in the mirror was the reflection of my lack of confidence.

But nowadays, I love what I see!

~Dorann Weber

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