94. Tall Boots

94. Tall Boots

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident

Tall Boots

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

I may not be the image in most magazines

Yet and still, I am queen

Never needed designer jeans

I stand tall with self-esteem

I won’t let society bring me down

I won’t shed tears or be your clown

I am she with radio voice

The local viewers’ choice

Striving for a Rolls-Royce

These curves wrecked nerves

Back in the day it was just my way

My smile, my style, my lips and these hips

I am fully equipped like a limousine

Filled with high octane gasoline

As I stated I am queen

My heart is kind, my arms are wide

My emotions I dare not hide

Please don’t tell me my face is pretty again

I am pleased with my beauty within

I am completely adorable

Extremely witty, like those ladies

From Sex in the City

I am a food for the soul

Not a happy little meal

With mass appeal, (just keeping it real)

I am vintage, not old

Take a closer look

When it comes to confidence

I wrote the book with my own chapter

It’s entitled, Love & Laughter

That’s what I’m after

My boots are tall, my dreams are bigger

When I step to the mic, I truly deliver

Never apologize for your size

Disregard those staring eyes

Hold your head high when you enter a room

Be proud with or without a groom

Keep mind, body and spirit in tune

Sip lemon water on a hot afternoon

Admire the stars, the sun and moon

Stand in your truth and be not afraid

Know that your path has been paved

You are like most of us


Pretty, Loving, Unique and Sweet

There are no lost lyrics on my song

I am simply here to re-write the wrongs

I dress nicely — red hair, freckles and all

I love my curves and my boots are tall

~Jimmie Ware

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