80: Divine Timing

80: Divine Timing

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Best Mom Ever!

Divine Timing

Whether your children are yours through biology or adoption, they are yours through love.

~Sadia Rebecca Rodriguez

Ruby was visiting the doctor again with one of her many illnesses. She had seen a woman with black hair and Native American features come out as she entered, but she didn’t think much of it until later. She was more focused on the sound of a crying baby inside the office.

A two-year-old child had been left with the receptionist. She was covered in boils, malnourished, and in so much pain that she couldn’t stop crying. Ruby, ignoring the doctor’s warnings that the little girl wouldn’t live through the night, took her home. She decided that she could keep this child alive and she wasn’t going to let anyone tell her otherwise.

Ruby stayed up all night with that baby, who was in so much pain that even a light touch would cause her to scream. No matter how little sleep Ruby had, she was not going to leave the baby girl’s side.

Not only did the little girl live through the night, but she healed through the next few months. Ruby and her husband Don decided to adopt the little girl they had nursed back to health.

The father of the child, Frederick, emerged, but it seemed he only wanted money from his baby’s new parents. The judge put a quick stop to that by ordering that Frederick have no contact with the new family. If he dared contact them, he would be put in jail.

Frederick’s wife Nellie, the woman Ruby had seen leaving the doctor’s office, stayed silent. The story eventually came out. The night before she left her baby at the doctor’s office, she had been trying to comfort her. She knew her baby was sick, no matter how much she assured her other children that she would be all right. Her husband Frederick had had enough of the crying and told her to get rid of the baby or he would kill it.

Nellie dropped off her baby at the doctor to save her life. She didn’t know what else to do. This was a long time ago, before there were resources available to help mothers in this kind of situation.

That little baby became my mother. We didn’t find out her birth-mother’s part of the story until 2014 when we met Fred, Nellie’s son, the uncle I never knew I had. He had always thought the baby was adopted by the doctor. Nellie died in 2011, long before we had the chance to talk to her. We didn’t get the chance to thank her for giving my mom a second chance by letting my grandparents adopt her.

~Ellicia Dawn

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