88: The Mother’s Ring

88: The Mother’s Ring

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Best Mom Ever!

The Mother’s Ring

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.


My mom had twelve children with my dad, and oh, how she loved each and every one of her kids. My father gave her a ring that she cherished — a “mother’s ring” with all twelve of her children’s birthstones. It was so beautiful and I am sure every time she looked at it and saw those stones sparkle, she felt again the newness of each baby she had brought into the world.

I was very close to my mother, as I handled most of her care the last few years of her life, so I knew how much she loved that ring. After she died, we couldn’t find the ring at the nursing home where she lived. I thought that one of my sisters had it, but I wished that I could see it again. It was a meaningful link to my mother and represented the love she had for all of us.

I had a hard time dealing with the loss of my mother. I cried daily even months after she was gone. One afternoon, a year after her death, I was sitting home alone, crying again. Suddenly, I felt a gentle, comforting touch on my back. And then my phone, which had been out of service for the past two days, began to ring. I was quite startled, as it had been so unexpected after two days of silence.

It was the social worker from the nursing home my mother had lived in. She said they had found something belonging to my mom and she asked me to come and get it.

I made my way to the nursing home and was handed a small envelope. Inside was my mom’s ring — that very special one with the twelve birthstones. I fell to my knees and cried.

I took that ring’s appearance as a sign that my mother was telling me to stop being so sad for her because she had moved on. The social worker told me that she didn’t know how it was not noticed for so long, as the safe it was found in was cleaned out on a regular basis.

Personally, I think Mom had something to do with it.

~Eleanor OToole

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