40: Today, I Was

40: Today, I Was

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers

Today, I Was

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

~Alexander the Great

Today, I was an ad designer, creating posters for our upcoming event.

Today, I was a nurse, cleaning and bandaging a small wound.

Today, I was an actress, playing a role no one has ever played before.

Today, I was the plumber, for “the toilet wouldn’t flush.”

Today, I was a writer, being creative with the hope that others would be creative, too.

Today, I was a computer operator, showing others how things run.

Today, I was an environmentalist, setting up recycling stations and enforcing the rules.

Today, I was a storyteller, giving life to the characters in a book.

Today, I was the pitcher, for I was the biggest in the kickball game.

Today, I was a singer, leading the group in song.

Today, I was a friend, giving a hug or a smile when someone needed it.

Today, I was a choreographer, trying to get them all to move along.

Today, I was a forest ranger, leading a group through the woods.

Today, I was an interior decorator, creating magic with paper and little more.

Today, I was a secretary, answering calls and typing away.

Today, I was a detective, gathering all the “facts” and figuring out which ones were true.

Today, I was a repairman, because “it just broke in my hand.”

Today, I was a clown, doing ridiculous things to capture my audience’s attention.

Today, I was an artist, drawing pictures on the wall.

Today, I was a transportation coordinator, ensuring everyone got where they belonged.

Today, I was a supervisor, delegating jobs to those who were here to help.

Today, I was a reporter, writing notes on the day’s events.

Today, I did ALL these things and more, because…

Today, I was a TEACHER.

~Pamela Berardino

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