64: Attraction in Action

64: Attraction in Action

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable

Attraction in Action

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

~Jack Canfield

While flying from my home in Australia to Los Angeles, my mind was focused on seeing my friend, Kelly. She and her husband would be filming me in their studio for a video series related to my work at HappinessHQ.

I was so happy to be taking my children, Claudia (thirteen) and Andrew (ten), with me. Claudia was excited to experience the Hollywood she’d seen in the movies; however, Andrew was consumed with thoughts of P-Rod.

No, my son isn’t an aeronautics engineer. P-Rod is a person — an idol of his — also known as Paul Rodriguez, the hottest name in professional skateboarding at the time. From age seven, Andrew has loved skateboarding more than most people like breathing. He has been obsessed with it . . . and talked about P-Rod nonstop.

So it was no surprise that as we were wheeling our bags at the airport, Andrew looked up from his suitcase that dwarfed him in size and asked, “Do you think I will meet P-Rod in LA?”

I had to be very thoughtful with my response. This was one of those parenting moments that I knew would somehow either become a positive thing that would propel him forward, or else go completely the other way. On one hand, I wanted to encourage him in everything I had already taught him about the law of attraction. And yet I also wanted to ensure that he wasn’t setting himself up for disappointment.

I finally responded, “Los Angeles is a very big city, with millions of people, but if you set the intention and then don’t get attached to the outcome, anything is possible.” Having heard this recipe for manifesting so many times before, he replied, “Yeah, yeah . . . I do know to let go of attachment, Mum!”

When we arrived in Los Angeles, the cab driver, for some unknown reason, dropped us off at a mall right in front of the Zumiez skateboarding store. Andrew was jubilant, and it quickly got better. Upon chatting with the storekeeper, we learned that P-Rod shopped there, and the owner had P-Rod’s mother’s number in his phone! Andrew was officially only two degrees of separation from his idol, and with that news alone, he could have happily flown back to Australia!

When we met up with my friend Kelly over dinner a week later, she asked the kids what they liked to do, and what they most liked about being in Los Angeles. As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for P-Rod to come up.

“I want to meet P-Rod,” Andrew told her.

Kelly responded quizzically, “What’s a P-Rod?”

Within a few moments, Andrew excitedly told Kelly about how P-Rod was the best skateboarder and how much he admired him. He even pulled up a photo of him on the Internet to show to Kelly.

Kelly said, “Well, you never know . . . strange things happen in Los Angeles.”

The next day had been set aside to film at Kelly’s studio. As it was way out in the San Fernando Valley, we had made plans weeks before for the kids to be doing other things, meaning they would come nowhere near the studio. However, a strange, last-minute glitch meant that they had to be dropped at the studio near the end of the day.

When they arrived, Kelly said offhandedly to Andrew, “Too bad you didn’t bring your skateboard” since there was so much space outside in the parking lot. Just as she said that, her husband Dana happened to be walking past and asked, “Who likes skateboarding?”

He explained that when they had first moved in, they had used the Wi-Fi of their neighbor. “It was called ‘Rod Skate’ or something,” he said casually.

This was complete news to Kelly, and her eyes widened almost as much as Andrew’s. As for me, I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

“It wasn’t Paul Rodriguez, was it?” Andrew asked in a stunned tone.

Kelly said, “That would be far-fetched. I seriously doubt it . . . but Dana, you’d better check on that immediately!”

Before Dana could do anything, Andrew had darted outside on a mission. He soon ran back, announcing ecstatically, “It’s P-Rod’s skate park! It’s P-Rod’s . . . I recognize it!”

Having spent dozens of hours studying P-Rod videos on YouTube, Andrew had instantly recognized the equipment behind the studio.

With mouths agape, we all followed Andrew back outside to check things out.

A small group of skaters was standing around, and I asked if they were expecting P-Rod to show up that evening.

“Dunno, man” was the dismissive reply.

Then, right on cue, about sixty seconds later, a white Jaguar pulled in from the street, driving in what felt like slow motion. Although still in semi-disbelief, I whipped out my phone and began videotaping what was happening.

The car stopped right in front of us, the door opened, and out stepped P-Rod! Were we dreaming?

Kelly didn’t waste a second before calling out, “Excuse me, Paul, see this little boy here? His name is Andrew . . . and he’s come all the way from Australia. He’s your number-one fan!”

At that, P-Rod walked right up to Andrew, shook his hand, and began a conversation with him. If Andrew’s smile had been any bigger, the top of his head might have flipped off.

Just before putting his arm around Andrew for photos, P-Rod kindly asked Andrew if he’d like him to sign anything. Andrew just happened to have a black Sharpie on him, which he’d been carrying throughout his trip “just in case.” He asked for signatures on his P-Rod brand shoes, shirt, and hat.

After some time, as P-Rod was walking away into his skate park, I told him how his name had been a household word for us for several years, and how Andrew had asked as he left Australia if he might meet him while in Los Angeles. P-Rod replied matter-of-factly, “Oh, well, he attracted it!”

The funny thing is, as a Law of Attraction coach, I help people attract miraculous things into their lives all the time. So why was I surprised by P-Rod’s comment? Perhaps because I was still somehow reeling at how things had unfolded for Andrew that evening.

As we drove home, Kelly said, “So, Andrew, now do you believe anything is possible?” Andrew hesitated for a moment before saying, “Um, yes . . . but I already knew nothing was impossible.”

And therein lies the key.

It turned out that my son was my best example in terms of using the formula to manifest a dream . . . a miracle. He was clear and focused, passionate (okay, slightly obsessed), and grateful at the same time. He wasn’t overwhelmed or grasping at what he wanted to bring into his life. He kept it simple, and magnetized P-Rod out of the millions of people in LA . . . seemingly out of the blue. Andrew didn’t have to hunt down the celebrity — the celebrity came to him!

Three years later, with the signed hat still hanging on his bedroom wall, along with the permanent marker that P-Rod had used, what happened that day is a permanent memory for our whole family that will certainly never wash away.

Every time we tell the story, the reaction of amazement is always the same, and our own goose bumps never fail to reappear.

And even the greatest skeptics come around to accepting that nothing’s impossible!

~Amanda Lee

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