12: My Dream of Mom

12: My Dream of Mom

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

My Dream of Mom

Love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark… To have been loved so deeply… will give us some protection forever.

~J.K. Rowling

I had just sent a group text to my siblings, and my older sister, Bernie, was the first to respond. “Tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out!” she demanded. My younger sister, Francie, called then, and both of my sisters reminded me that I was next in the queue — it was my turn to have my own dream of Mom.

“Mom’s going in order,” Bernie said. She had already had her dream, and my three older brothers had theirs too. These dreams had been arriving in birth order, from oldest on down. After anxiously waiting since my mother’s passing eighteen months earlier, my turn had finally arrived!

My dream took place in a bright, sunny room that closely resembled my bedroom. My two sisters and my grown daughter, Christina, were there, too. I was sitting up in my bed, propped up against my pillows. Mom and Bernie were sitting on opposite sides of my bed facing me, and Christina and Francie were standing right behind them.

All five of us were laughing out loud — feel-good, rolling belly laughs. I remember covering my mouth as I laughed because I knew I had not brushed my teeth yet. I was still wearing my retainers.

Mom was not sickly and frail like she was in the hospital at the end. In my dream, cancer wasn’t even on the radar. She was twenty-five years younger — a vibrant, beautiful, and strong woman. She was the mom who walked me down the aisle at my wedding and played the organ at Sunday mass.

No words were spoken in the dream, only the outbursts of laughter.

That was all I could remember. I wanted there to be something more, something I could sink my teeth into and make sense of.

At the time my dream occurred, my husband’s job was in limbo. The company where he had worked for twenty-five years had thrown him a curve ball, and it was unclear what the outcome would be. The way the company was dealing with my husband was hurtful, not to mention stressful. It threatened our marriage, health, home and family. Many times, I wanted to call Mom because she always had a way of making everything all better. Her rock-like faith never wavered. I was feeling very insecure, so it felt great to laugh in the dream.

Francie’s words put my dream in perspective. “Mom is helping you with all your problems.” I knew she was right.

That is why this dream was a lifeline for me, an essential medicine for my soul. Hearing Mom laugh again refreshed my mind, body, and spirit. Sharing it with my sisters and daughter injected me with strength.

These mysterious communications from Mom to each of her children are things I cannot explain. For each of us to have our own dream of Mom, starting with the oldest on down, can only be described as truly divine.

Mom knew that laughter was exactly the thing I needed at the time. It was such a simple, intimate act that boosted me with endorphins, as if I had literally been laughing. The message was loud and clear from Mom: Laugh!

Francie, the youngest, finally had her dream of Mom nearly a year later, completing the cycle for all of Mom’s children. Mom managed to be there when we needed her. Nothing could stop her.

~Elizabeth Anne Kennedy

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