63: A Vote of Confidence

63: A Vote of Confidence

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

A Vote of Confidence

May the miracle you need be just around the corner.

~Vicki Reece

I had quit my job as a hospice nurse in order to focus on my writing and speaking ministry, and this particular day I was questioning whether or not I had made the right decision. “I need a sign, God,” I prayed as I took a walk down my street on a humid June morning. “If I’m really doing what You want me to do with my life, please give me a sign.”

I had one published book out, but it wasn’t doing as well as I had hoped. The feedback I received from readers was great, but the writing industry is tough, to say the least. I never fathomed how much work and stress were involved in publishing and launching a book. With more and more books, and fewer and fewer brick-and-mortar stores, it’s a huge challenge to get a book into the hands of a substantial number of people. Don’t get me wrong — it’s an honor for me to bless only one person. It really is. But after spending countless hours — years, actually — pouring myself into something, I wanted it to spread far and wide.

For me, it isn’t about the money; it’s about impacting the lives of as many people as possible. Thankfully, I am blessed to have a husband whose career allows us to live comfortably without me having to contribute financially. But this particular day, I must admit that the money factor was really weighing heavily on me because I needed a new computer. Mine had been acting up for way too long.

I wanted an Apple computer, which was more expensive than any I ever had before. With so much of my time spent on a computer, it was extremely important to have one that was fast, reliable, and easy to use.

I was rather discouraged because I felt like my new career was a financial burden. It was costing me more money than I was bringing in, especially considering how much money we were about to spend on my new MacBook Air.

After praying, I tried to let go of my worries. Many times before, God had spoken to me in amazing ways, so I trusted He would come through for me again. And boy did He ever!

My husband and I spent the day at an amusement park, something I knew he would enjoy for his upcoming birthday. Then it was off to the mall — one with an Apple store — to buy my new computer.

After making my selection, my husband forked out a large sum of money, and we headed for the door. At the exact moment we walked through the door, I received a mysterious phone call from my mom. Initially, her voice scared me. She asked what I was doing, and after telling her, she told us to come by her house on our way home. I asked her why, but she wouldn’t tell me; however, she did assure me that nothing was wrong.

So, after the hour-long drive home, my husband and I stopped by my mom and stepdad’s house. We were both baffled, wondering why she had been so adamant that we come. Honestly, I was a little worried, despite the fact that my mom told me she didn’t have bad news. As we all sat down together in the living room, the wheels in my head were spinning as fast as ever, and my heart was beating fast. What in the world was going on?

After finding out, I was in tears… happy tears. It turned out that my mom had gone to her bank to close out a safe deposit box she had had for years, and she came across a huge surprise — one for me. She and I had forgotten about the savings bonds she was storing there — U.S. bonds that my generous aunt and uncle had given me every single year on my birthday, from one year to eighteen years of age.

I was thirty-six at the time, so every one of the bonds had matured and, therefore, was worth even more than their face value. In other words, I had hit the jackpot! My mom felt terrible that she had unknowingly kept them from me all that time. Little did she know that she couldn’t have picked a better time to give them to me!

The savings bonds had crossed my mind a few years before. I had vaguely remembered that they were stored in a safe deposit box at some point, but I figured they had already been cashed out and credited to me a long time ago — long enough that the exact details had gotten lost somewhere in the sea of memories made in the years between college and the present.

I was astonished and told them the story of how I had asked — actually, insisted may be a better word — that God give me a sign that I was doing His will. What better sign could He have provided than by blessing me with nearly twice the amount of money I had hesitantly spent on that computer a few hours before? The fact that I received my mom’s phone call only seconds after the purchase, right before stepping out of the store, was icing on the cake.

This may not constitute a true miracle, but I know it was much more than coincidence that my mom stumbled upon those bonds on a day when I most needed the confidence, encouragement, and money to continue my writing career to inspire others and deepen their faith.

~Mandy Lawrence

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