66: God of the Little Things

66: God of the Little Things

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

God of the Little Things

Miracles are the natural way of the Universe. Our only job is to move our doubting minds out of the way.

~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I was running late, as usual. I had spent the morning paying bills, and then my yard guy showed up and needed payment, too. So when I arrived at the church, I practically flew out of the car and dashed inside the chapel. Two women were waiting; it was past noon, and I was five minutes late for the prayer hour that I’d signed up for.

I sat there alone, trying to quiet my thoughts. But all my financial worries kept circling in my mind and, as always, a little self-pity inched its way in. For more than thirty-five years, I hadn’t needed to worry about finances. My husband not only took care of all the bills, but he relished the task. In the year since he’d died, I’d struggled to get up to speed with all the accounts, the bill-paying schedule, and the juggling of funds from here to there. How did he do it all so effortlessly?

And to top it off, I was hungry. I hadn’t had time to grab anything before I left my house, but I’d checked the bread on the counter, figuring I’d make a sandwich when I got home. As usual, the bread had started to mold, and I’d had to toss it in the trash.

Since it was just me now, I almost always threw away bread. I couldn’t finish a loaf or a package of sub rolls before spoilage set in. I could put the bread in the freezer, but I hated the way the bread tasted after being frozen and reheated. So I sat there in church, worrying about bread, too. I was leaving town soon and only needed enough slices for a couple of days. Should I stop by the grocery store and buy a loaf that was sure to go bad? Or just skip the bread altogether? It was a little thing, the bread, but it was just one more reminder of the loss I felt each day.

For twenty minutes or so, the worries tumbled around. Finally, I was able to find some peace and pray. In fact, I was surprised when I looked up and realized it was 1:00 and time to go. I gathered up my purse and headed to the door.

Just across from the chapel doors, chairs were lined up against a wall of glass, and a box sat on one of the chairs. I’d been in such a rush that I’d missed it when I first arrived. A sign on the box read, “Free. Please take one.”

Perfect, I thought. Our church often received booklets or pamphlets to give away, and I sure needed some spiritual reading to take with me on my trip. So I walked over to the box and peered in.

It was bread — two 12-inch sub rolls in a package from the grocery store down the street. Enough bread to make four sandwiches, which happened to be exactly the amount of bread I needed. I literally turned my head back to the chapel and thought, Um… God? Is that You?

Still, I didn’t reach for the bread. There was only one package, and surely someone else needed that bread more than I did.

But as I stood there looking at the bread, I had another thought. Well, maybe not so much a thought — more like a message. God wanted me to know that He was taking care of me. It was a little thing, this bread worry of mine, but God had heard me. And if God could take care of my little worries, He was surely taking care of the big ones, too.

“Thank you,” I said. “For everything.” And I picked up the bread. I’d just have time to make a sandwich before heading out on my next errand!

~Cathy C. Hall

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