67: In My Dreams

67: In My Dreams

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

In My Dreams

Pay attention to your dreams — God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.

~Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angels’ Little Instruction Book

“Good morning! First, the good news: You don’t have an aneurysm or a brain tumor! Now, the bad news: We have no idea what is going on with you. So today we are going to check you for cancer and spinal meningitis.”

Having suffered through four days of an excruciating headache, my husband had finally agreed to let me take him to the emergency room. After a round of tests, all of which came back normal, they admitted him “for observation.” The following day, they ran another series of tests with the same results, leading to another night in the hospital. They ran more tests every day. A week in, we were no closer to an answer than the day he came in.

One night, when his blood pressure was dangerously high, I collapsed in an exhausted heap in the chair by his bed. I fell asleep, but it was a restless and disturbing sleep, populated by eerie and improbable dreams. In the midst of my mental chaos, one quietly odd dream demanded my attention.

It was a dream of striking simplicity: nothing more than a stick figure of a man lying in a stick figure of a bed. That was the entirety of it, and as I stood outside myself looking in, realization washed over me. The man in the bed was my husband, and he had shingles.

The next morning, the doctor came in with his usual “Good morning!” I listened with only half a mind to his recital of the tests of the day as my dream replayed in my head. Done, the doctor started out the door to order the tests, when I surprised myself by blurting out, “Do you think he could have shingles?” The doctor came to an abrupt stop, paused a moment in the doorway, and then took off down the hall in a virtual run.

Shortly afterward, on my way home for a shower and breakfast, I walked past the nurses’ station where the doctor sat at the desk with a phone to his ear. “His wife thinks he has shingles,” I overheard as I walked by.

I returned later in the morning to find the doctor once again in my husband’s room. The test for shingles had been ordered and… bingo! Diagnosed at last, my husband was released the next day with prescriptions and orders for a follow-up visit.

My religion has long held that God speaks to us only through the Scriptures, and at one time I think I might have been inclined to agree. But now, if anyone were to ask me if God speaks to us in dreams, my answer just might be a resounding “Yes!”

~Mary Ables

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