83: Frozen

83: Frozen

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

~Author Unknown

I adjusted the car’s visor and leaned forward, straining against my seatbelt. The aviator sunglasses I wore were no match against the intense sun. I gripped the steering wheel tighter as I attempted to follow the road’s yellow line. The asphalt was worn so smooth in some areas that it served as a reflective surface. No matter where I looked — up and straight ahead, or down at the road — I was blinded by the sun. I took a right at the first stoplight, and in an instant I could see again.

I pulled into the local Dollar General and ran in for a few essentials. I was back in the car in less than twenty minutes. Thankfully, the sun would be at my back for the drive home.

I sat at the intersection and waited for the light to turn. The light turned green, but my body suddenly seemed to stop working. I was completely unable to move. I stared at the green light, fully aware I needed to take my foot off the brake and place it on the accelerator, but it was as if I had become frozen in time.

This is weird, I thought. What’s happening to me? Am I paralyzed? Did I have a stroke? Should I be alarmed? But I wasn’t alarmed. I felt bewildered, but at the same time peaceful. There was no fear.

With every bit of strength in me, I willed my body to move. My efforts sent my body lurching toward the center console in a jerky motion, and suddenly I had full range of motion once again.

I was easing out into the intersection when the unmistakable roar of a diesel engine filled my car. It sounded entirely too close, and it was coming from my left side. A blur of color filled my peripheral vision. I slammed on my brakes as a large truck narrowly missed my vehicle.

The driver had blown right through a red light and never even slowed down. Perhaps he, too, had been blinded by the sun. Shaken, I pulled into the first parking lot I came to.

I sat there contemplating the “what-ifs” of my near miss. If I’d pulled into the intersection three to five seconds sooner, I could have been seriously injured or worse. I shuddered at the thought. That’s when I looked up and noticed the building I’d ended up in front of; I was sitting in the parking lot of a church. As I focused on the large cross adorning the front of the chapel, I realized my unexplainable, temporary paralysis had lasted three to five seconds.

I grabbed my phone and called my husband.

“Hey, babe,” he answered. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, not much,” I replied. “Just hanging out with my guardian angel.”

~Melissa Wootan

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