98: A Special Message from God

98: A Special Message from God

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

A Special Message from God

A guardian angel walks with us, sent from up above, their loving wings surround us and enfold us with love.

~Author Unknown

It was one of those days. Irate customers, grouchy co-workers and gazillions of problems had dominated my husband’s job as a shoe salesman that Saturday. He was eager to put an end to this workweek and start the one-hour commute home, but ten minutes before closing time, a customer walked in.

Taking a deep breath, my husband asked if he could help him. He hoped to take care of the customer quickly so that he could leave on time. However, the gentleman — who was deaf — insisted that he didn’t need help and started looking around the men’s department.

David hadn’t always been a salesman. After several entrepreneurial ventures, he’d become the co-owner of a shoe store. It’s a complicated story, but in the end, he learned that the business couldn’t support two owners. With no paycheck coming in, our family had plunged into the deepest debt we’d ever known. Worse than that, the situation cast my husband into a state of depression unlike any he’d ever experienced in his life.

Months before, I’d lost my job and hadn’t found a new one yet, which meant that David needed to get a job as quickly as possible. He hoped for one that would bring meaning to his life, but the reality hit him hard. No one wanted to hire a sixty-year-old has-been storeowner. With his “shoe experience,” he managed to land this job selling shoes.

He focused on remaining optimistic by reading books on the power of positive thinking. Yet, he couldn’t shake the storm cloud that hung over him. A spiritual man, my sweet husband pleaded with God, but as his life continued on a downward spiral, he felt as if God had abandoned him and completely ignored his pleas for help.

And on that nightmarish Saturday, unbeknownst to me, my husband hit an all-time low point in his life.

Now the minutes were ticking by, and closing time had already passed when the customer finally motioned for my husband.

David conjured up the most pleasant expression he could even though he was exasperated with the man for not accepting his help from the beginning. The customer had a tennis shoe in his hand, and when my husband explained that the shoe ran a size larger than the man would normally wear, the man put it back on the rack. He didn’t want to try it, and he wasn’t interested in trying on anything else either.

Even under duress, my husband had always maintained a chipper, amiable demeanor, but he could feel his patience wearing thin.

Then, the customer asked for a piece of paper and a pen.

My husband started to worry. At this rate, he’d be there all night!

When he tried to peek at what the man was scribbling, all that stood out was the word, “God.”

At that moment, the word “God” piqued my husband’s interest, especially since he’d been silently complaining to God already for sending this last-minute customer in to torture him further on this already horrible day.

The man finished writing and handed my husband the paper. He stood silently while my husband read it:

Recently God showed me you’ve been down for long while… Be cheer He knows your heart and is with you always. He loves you very much as do I, I’ll pray for you to be strong and courage… Also, He’ll help you to overcome your struggles… Bless you… Andrew W —

A warm feeling of peace and love washed over my husband. Suddenly, he felt ashamed for his impatience with this man and wondered who he was.

Blessed with a wonderful gift for faking a sunny disposition, my husband had always put on an amazing show for friends, co-workers and extended family, even during this crisis in his life. No one knew that he’d been down for a “long while.” How did this stranger know?

Grabbing the pen from the messenger, my husband wrote back:

I talk to God all the time. Thank you for coming by!

Then my husband reached out and hugged the messenger, who took the pen again and wrote:

God spoke me to drive 1 1/2 hr from PA & stop by here unexpected.

That evening, with tears in his eyes, my husband shared his experience with our family. We wondered if his customer had been a heavenly angel, sent down to deliver this special message from God. I did not include Andrew’s last name in his note above, but he did provide it, and my husband looked him up on the Internet and learned that the shoe-store messenger is an earthly angel who actually does live in Pennsylvania.

It’s not every Saturday that God sends a message special delivery. Thankfully, the message was received loud and clear!

~Jill Burns

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