26: A Dreamy Pregnancy

26: A Dreamy Pregnancy

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom

A Dreamy Pregnancy

Mommy knows a lot, but Grandma knows everything.

~Author Unknown

My mother and I have a tradition each spring. We wake up at 4:30 a.m. and spend our early Saturdays searching through people’s unwanted possessions at the community yard sales. This is something I remember doing since early childhood and it has become a dear tradition to me.

One year, my mom came to pick me up and had the strangest smile on her face. As soon as I sat down in the car, she exclaimed, “You’re pregnant!” Since I had zero symptoms of any pregnancy and was actually feeling my monthly cramps, I laughed at her. “No,” she insisted, “you are! I had that dream again, and the dream is never wrong. I can feel it; you’re pregnant!”

She went on to tease me unmercifully at every yard sale that held tiny baby clothes, beautiful baskets, like-new swings and adorable strollers. She would jab me with her finger and say, “Look, that’s a great deal, and you need that! You have to buy it!” I told myself she was crazy. I had learned long ago how to shrug off my mother’s silly antics, even the more persistent ones.

The sun had not even risen yet, and I had already been poked and teased a dozen times. All I could do was grunt and grumble and try to stay awake. I even woke up my husband, texting him about how crazy my mom was!

I was too tired to get out of the car at one sale, so I stayed in the seat and closed my eyes. I was startled awake by frantic knocking on the window. It was my mother, eagerly wanting to tell me something.

“You have to get this! It’s a sign!” she exclaimed. I followed her pointed finger to an item that was apparently a sign of some sort. It was a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs figurine.

“Huh?” I looked at her. “What kind of sign is that?”

“You always said the theme for your next girl would be Snow White. I had the dream that you’re pregnant, and now there’s your sign. You have to get it!”

I reluctantly went over to the table. “That’s from Disney World,” the yard-sale lady told me. “I bought it years ago to display.”

My mom smiled and nodded, as if my obsession and adoration for Disney World was an additional sign. I asked how much it was, expecting it to be quite expensive. It was a vintage item, and I would later see it on eBay for seventy-five dollars. “I’ll take five dollars,” the lady said. Of course, I couldn’t resist.

“You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant,” my mom chanted as we walked back to the car.

Nearing the end of our circuit, we stopped at a church that was hosting a household sale. There, I found my dream double stroller for only five dollars. My mom knew it was my dream stroller and got even more excited. “That’s your stroller! You have to buy it,” she insisted. “It’s meant to be! I told you that you were pregnant,” as if the stroller sitting there near the inside doorway was a pregnancy test that just turned positive. “It’s a sign from God,” she continued, shaking my arm and pushing me toward it. “It’s even in church!”

I looked at the stroller, almost hoping that something was wrong with it. It was big, it would be hard to get back to the car, and I felt silly. I wasn’t pregnant. In fact, I was cramping badly enough to be wishing that I had stayed in the car. But the stroller looked almost new. No flaws, no rips, no stains. I turned to a church worker and made sure it was still for sale. It was late in the day, and I was surprised that no one had already picked up this $600 stroller in such great condition. “I’ll take it,” I said as I pulled out a five-dollar bill, and my mom grinned.

We loaded up the car and stopped to meet my husband, who was taking me to the doctor. Our toddler daughter had collided with me days before and given me a black eye that ended up getting infected and swollen. I said goodbye to my mother, and then had to explain to my husband why there was a double stroller in our trunk, and why I was cradling a fragile Snow White figurine. Then I forgot about my crazy morning as we checked in to urgent care.

Forgot, that is, until the nurse taking my information asked me if I could be pregnant. “It’s very unlikely,” I told her and decided against saying that it was a possibility just because my mom had a dream that I was.

The doctor determined that I needed antibiotic eye drops to help my eye get better, but before he was able to prescribe them, they asked me to take a pregnancy test. Waiting for the results seemed to take forever. I sat on the patient table, too nervous to even make small talk with my husband. I felt like my period was coming any second and knew the test would be negative, but my mother’s voice would not leave my head.

“Which way were you hoping this would go?” the nurse asked me as she came through the curtain. I jumped off the table and tried to see the test in her hand.

“Why?” was all I could exclaim, my heart pounding. Could it be possible that my mom’s silly dream had been true, and that all of the signs she spoke of were actually real?

The nurse smiled and handed me the test. “You’re pregnant!”

My infected tear duct burned painfully as tears sprang to my eyes, and I looked at the test in my hand. I was pregnant! Just three months before, I had suffered an early second-trimester miscarriage that had left me depressed and sad ever since.

Everyone at the front desk congratulated me as I waited for my prescription. The moment we walked out of the urgent care, I dialed my mother’s number on the phone. She didn’t answer with a hello or ask what was going on. Instead, I heard her voice tell me one more time excitedly, “You’re pregnant!”

~Jill Keller

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