91: A Painting of You

91: A Painting of You

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom

A Painting of You

I paint the spirit and soul of what I see.

~Brian Froud

If I were to paint a picture of you

I would need to find the right colour for grace.

Not the dainty kind—the deep touching-your-soul kind.

I’d use deep warm red for the colour of love,

the unconditional kind that conveys appreciation, hope and joy.

I would need some deep blue to convey inner strength, courage and will, and a soft spring green for being young at heart.

With a sprinkling of pink for laughter and fun.

Rich burgundy for your appreciation of beauty and goodness around you.

A deeper green, like jade or forests tall, might convey your intelligence, caring wisdom, and keen interest in people and the world.

If I were to paint you, I would need every colour of the rainbow To reflect the music in your heart, the sparkle in your eyes, Both humble and vulnerable, understanding and forgiving.

Even with all the colours of the rainbow, I would not be able to capture the wonder and beauty of you.

~Trudy M. Davies

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