69: The Basics

69: The Basics

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles

The Basics

After enlightenment, the laundry.

~Zen Proverb

I’ve studied hard, my grades are high
With college as my goal.
I anxiously await the day
To see the good times roll.

I know my trig and algebra,
The gods of ancient days.
I’ve read the classics every year
And all the Shakespeare plays.

I know the rules of chemistry;
I speak in Español.
I’ve studied what the country thinks
As shown in voters’ polls.

In choir I was a baritone,
In drama played an elf.
In shop I built a china hutch
And polished every shelf.

I quarterbacked and threw for points,
In baseball pitched the ball.
I ran the anchor leg in track
In soccer — did it all!

Count on me to lend a hand,
To play an active part,
To run the errands, paint the props,
To give it all my heart.

I’ve done it well — the grades, the sports
And volunteered my time.
A part time job for extra cash,
I’ve learned to “save a dime.”

At last my independence comes,
I’ll strike a carefree pose.
But one thing has me so confused —
It’s how to wash my clothes!

~Cynda Strong

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