74: Bus Stop Blessing

74: Bus Stop Blessing

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings

Bus Stop Blessing

A bus is a vehicle that runs twice as fast
when you are after it as when you are in it.

~Author Unknown

She ran for the bus with all of the strength and determination of an Olympic sprinter, but the bus pulled away from the curb without her—the driver not seeing her or just not caring. She collapsed on the bus bench in a heap of failure, disbelief and sobs.

I could have just kept on driving. It was the first day of my vacation and I was off to wander the local mall, and, besides, it wasn’t my problem, I didn’t know her. Another bus would be along soon. But there was just something about her. There was an intensity in her need that I could not ignore so I stopped my car and went up to her.

I sat down on the bench next to her and gently mentioned that another bus would be along in half an hour or so. I introduced myself and asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Sarah. I’m sorry to make such of a scene but I need to get to the hospital to be with my sick baby,” she responded through lessening sobs.

Sarah explained to me that she was a struggling single mother and her one-year-old son was in the hospital. She had gone home late the night before to get some sleep and when she started back to the hospital in the morning, her car battery was dead. I could tell from Sarah’s face that she was exhausted and that she felt overwhelmed.

“What’s wrong with your son?” I gently prodded.

“My baby has pneumonia and he has been very sick,” Sarah replied. “I don’t want him to be alone and afraid, I need to get back to him.”

My heart melted and my plans for the day took a detour. “Please,” I said, “let me give you a ride to the hospital.” Seeing a little hesitation in her eyes, I continued, “Please, it would be my pleasure.” Sarah’s face softened and I saw the first hint of a smile as she nodded her head yes, and we began walking toward my car.

On the drive to the hospital I learned that Sarah’s boyfriend had left her when he found out that she was pregnant and that she did not have any other family in the area. She has been struggling to work and raise her baby in a loving home. Though rough at times, things were going fairly well until little Daniel got sick. Daniel’s illness set Sarah back financially and emotionally

As I listened to Sarah’s story I decided to do everything I could to help her out. I dropped her off at the hospital, gave her my phone number and asked her to call me when she got home. I assured her that my brother would come over and help her with her car battery. Though reluctant, Sarah took my number and promised to call me.

I shared the day’s event with my Bible study group that night and asked the group to pray for Sarah and Daniel. The group did much more than that. One person had baby clothes left over she wanted to donate, another friend wanted to donate food and we even took up a collection of money to help Sarah out.

Sarah was very grateful and humbled by the help my group was able to give to her during the illness and recovery of her son. My brother went to help Sarah that night with her car battery and, not only did he get that battery to “spark” once again, sparks began flying between my brother and Sarah as well and now Sarah is my sister-in-law!

You never know what blessings God has waiting for you if you just take the time to stop and try to meet someone’s need. Sarah and Daniel are a precious addition to our family, and that would never have happened if Sarah had not missed her bus on that fateful day.

~LaVerne Otis

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