97: God’s Faithfulness

97: God’s Faithfulness

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings

God’s Faithfulness

Faith is the virtue by which,
clinging to the faithfulness of God,
we lean upon him,
so that we may obtain what he gives to us.

~William Ames

In the five years since my husband started working at the church we attend, he was rarely absent. He had a long commute five days a week. His work was mentally exhausting, but Joseph was happy. Then circumstances changed. My husband lost his job.

“I was sure God was preparing me for a future there. Now I’m no longer needed.” Joseph’s voice shook with emotion as he put his head in his hands.

Joseph’s disappointment was keen and his spirit crushed and he began to feel that God was displeased with him. This became a nagging and recurring thought.

Friends and co-workers from our church called to express their disappointment. He assisted them with their questions as they learned their new responsibilities in a changed environment.

“I’ve failed in some way or else I’d still be working there,” he confided to me.

My husband’s emotional wellbeing became as important as how we were going to manage financially, especially when he asked questions like, “What did I do wrong?” or “Now what?”

To get us through this crisis, I knew I needed God’s help. I prayed for us. Then I began to see the hand of God in our situation.

We discovered that under the pension plan Joseph was enrolled in with a former employer, he could apply for early retirement benefits. This was our first indication that God was working on our behalf.

I’ve been a full time homemaker since our sons were born fifteen years ago. I decided to claim Social Security benefits this year when I reached age sixty-two. I learned at the time I applied that our boys were eligible for children’s benefits as well. The Lord is faithful. He was providing for us.

A major concern was our children’s education. It was re-enrollment time once again at their school. Would we be able to continue to provide them with the schooling we had committed to giving them? After applying for financial assistance, we were given a forty percent reduction on the following year’s tuition. We were overjoyed!

And then there was the matter of health insurance coverage for us all. After some inquiries and searching the Internet, I learned that my husband and I were eligible for low-cost health insurance coverage. Our boys have free coverage under our state’s children’s health insurance program. God continued to meet our needs.

We now live more frugally on a lower, fixed income. Fortunately, our home is mortgage-free. But the high cost of utilities was another concern. I applied for financial help with those costs and received discounts on our electric and heating bills.

Since my husband’s unemployment, the blessings have been many. I felt disappointed that Ben and Tim only got to see their dad a short time each day when he worked full time at our church. Now their father sees them off to school in the morning and picks them up later. He is free to go on field trips and youth group outings. But most important, my husband now has the time to sit and talk with our boys. They are witnesses to God’s faithfulness to our family during a time of crisis.

Until his employment ended, I was concerned about Joseph’s long hours and how they were affecting his health. Now we spend time together during the day and he seems more relaxed.

“Maybe I could help at the school. Do they still need volunteers for grounds work?” Joseph asked our son recently. Many projects left unfinished at home are now getting completed, too.

I’ve seen my husband’s disappointment gradually vanish. We are continually experiencing God’s faithfulness and seeing new mercies in our changed situation.

I will continue to believe good things of God.

~Pat Jeanne Davis

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