74: Today, Not Tomorrow

74: Today, Not Tomorrow

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times

Today, Not Tomorrow

By Cari Weber

I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.

~Psalm 17:6

“I ’m sorry,” the bank teller said. “Your check has bounced.”

Her words took a moment to sink in. This year had brought so much pain. A divorce, losing my house because of the divorce, then the loss of my job right before the holidays... and now the check for my car insurance had bounced!

Choking back tears, I asked, “May I talk with someone about the overdraft fees?”

“You can try, but my supervisor never budges.”

Moments later, I met with the supervisor. I could barely explain how I recently lost my job before the tears started flowing. Incredibly, she agreed to remove all overdraft fees.

Leaving the bank, I wondered what I would do. My unemployment checks were delayed due to a glitch in the system, and everything seemed to be piling up. How long could I last without an income?

Although it was only 5:30 P.M., it was already dark outside. December in Michigan meant it was not only dark, but cold and snowy. Despite that, I had an urge to take a walk on my favorite trail. Being cold and dark also meant there was a good chance no one else would be out, so I decided to go.

On the trail, I was grateful for sounds of rushing water coming from the creek. They covered my soft sobs while I walked. Tonight, it all felt like too much to bear.

At one point, I stopped and cried out to God. With a broken spirit, I said aloud, “Lord, I really need help right now. Today. Not tomorrow. Not the next day... today.” Then I wondered: Who was I to talk to the God of the universe in this way?

Eventually, when my tears dried up, I headed home. Approaching my apartment door, I noticed something bulky hanging on the handle. Probably another bill, I thought. While I struggled with my boots, I could see a card with my name on it through the clear plastic bag. Reaching in, I took out a very small, white padded envelope. Inside the envelope was a beautiful card with no name written on it, but it was stuffed with gift cards. Hundreds of dollars of gift cards that could meet my urgent needs!

I was in shock and awe. The timing of this amazing anonymous gift, arriving at exactly the right moment, was almost too much to comprehend. Again, I began crying, but now they were tears of joy. I felt so loved. The God of the universe really cared about my little life! God heard my cries from a cold, dark, lonely place, and assured me that He does hear and will provide.

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