38: Love by the Spoonful

38: Love by the Spoonful

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love

Love by the Spoonful

Sharing is loving.

~Author Unknown

It was the day after a fabulous Thanksgiving, with almost all of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in attendance. Several of the group lingered for the weekend.

On Friday, those who were interested in a taste of a rancher’s life went to the pasture with Frank. Still, there were kids swarming like flies at the house.

I had to feed this tribe. We certainly didn’t need nor want any more of the holiday delicacies. Thank God for freezers! I brought out a container with what I figured would be enough beef stew for our lunch. When this was thawed and heated, and the table was completely surrounded by kids and one grandma, we paused to thank God for our meal. I stood to serve bowls from the stove. One dish after another was handed out. When there was only one bowl left to fill — mine — my granddaughter Karen realized the kettle was empty. Immediately she took my dish and served me a big spoonful from her portion. She passed the dish to Kristen, and a scoop was added. By the time my bowl had gone around the table, everyone had a generous serving of beef stew, including me.

We had experienced a moment of family sharing — not just of beef stew, but bushel-sized bowls of love.

~Georgia Aker

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