16: Reflections of Hope

16: Reflections of Hope

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grand and Great

Reflections of Hope

They didn’t grow inside of me
Next to my heart,
But they have my genes
So they are my own.

Most of them hug me, giggle,
Clamor for attention,
Beg for stories, expect treats
Want to sing and sleep over.

In their world I build tradition;
I am Thanksgiving and Christmas,
A memory-maker serving cookies with praise
Encouraging their ambition.

To them I’m slow, old-fashioned
A helper of homework who speaks strange words
They tell me I sound “cool.”
In their unstable world
I offer things that rarely change.

In them I see myself;
Two have my turned-up nose,
Another my moodiness, my laugh,

One has my passion for music
Still another, my fascination with words,
Some gather friends like flowers,
A mirror of me.

Each one is a reflection of hope
making rainbows
where their own light shines.

In this complicated world
I look to them with pride,
They look to me with trust.

This cherished brood is my treasure
I call them precious
They call me Gram.

~Yulene A. Rushton
Chicken Soup for the Grandparent’s Soul

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