93. Romeo Sets the Stage

93. Romeo Sets the Stage

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After

Romeo Sets the Stage

As a flight attendant for a major airline, I’ve had many memorable moments attending to passengers’ special needs. Most of the memories bring a smile to my lips. Some make me grin from ear to ear.

My all-time favorite occurred a few years ago on a Friday night flight to Denver. A passenger asked the flight attendants if we could do him a favor. The young man’s girlfriend was meeting him at the airport in Denver, and he was planning to propose. He had brought with him ninety-nine long-stemmed red roses and one long-stemmed white rose. Nestled between the petals of the single white rose was an engagement ring. Our Romeo wanted ninety-nine passengers to deplane before him, each handing his girlfriend a red rose. He would come out last, carrying the white rose with the ring, and propose to her.

We made an announcement explaining the gentleman’s plan and asked for volunteers. Immediately, hands waved and people called out. Everyone wanted to be a part of the romantic event! The lucky ninety-nine were thrilled to be entrusted with a rose. Throughout the flight, the young man went through the cabin showing the engagement ring and receiving congratulations. Many passengers shared stories of their own engagement, wedding or honeymoon, and waves of laughter rang through the cabin. The warm wishes and feelings of joy were overwhelming.

When we arrived in Denver, the passengers deplaned in a buzz of excitement, and the crew followed our Romeo out of the jetbridge. There, under a mountain of roses, we found Juliet — and a planeful of passengers patiently waiting to spy on this special moment. Romeo took the roses from his sweetheart’s arms, laid them on a chair, dropped to one knee and professed his love. Then he handed her his single white rose. Through her tears, she said “Yes!” and the audience broke into cheers. Cameras flashed and best wishes were given.

Truly, all the world loves a lover!


~Jill LaBoy
Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul

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