96. “Falling” in Love

96. “Falling” in Love

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After

“Falling” in Love

During World War II, I was employed at a research lab in Oklahoma. Men were pretty scarce at that time, of course. One day after the end of the war, a friend called me to come to her lab to meet the new fellow who had come to work for the summer while attending college on the G.I. Bill. So I went down for a short talk and to meet the guy.

As I left I heard a loud crash behind me. When I went back to see what had happened, he was sprawled flat on the floor. He had been sitting at a desk by the door in a swivel chair and had leaned back too far to watch me walk down the hall. All during our fifty-two years of happily married life, including eleven moves with three children, I have loved telling people this story of how my husband fell for me. He hastens to assure them that he actually was only leaning over to pick up a pencil.


~Mary Mikkelsen
Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul

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