38: Nothing Can Change This Love

38: Nothing Can Change This Love

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride

Nothing Can Change This Love

If music be the food of love, play on.

~William Shakespeare

After people ask about the proposal, the ring, the date, and the dress, they have either completely lost interest in your wedding (“Well, it’s got twenty-two layers of French tulle followed by sixteen layers of Austrian lace going down the back…”) or they come to their next question: the song. You know, the one that will play when you awkwardly dance in front of your family and friends for the first time as husband and wife.

Oh, to be the shamed couple that doesn’t have a song! My fiancé Peter and I were such a couple a few months ago.

To be fair, though, we’re not living in the dancehall days of the 1940s when the average couple was likely to have a song they called their own. Now, hardly any young couples have a song. I know because during our early engagement, I polled every couple we knew, hoping to shed some light on this important business.

Realizing we were not alone didn’t make the song-picking struggle any easier. For one, Peter and I have vastly different musical tastes, which until that moment hadn’t presented much of a problem — other than the fact that Peter could probably do for one less round of Tony Bennett’s “Duets” collection on the dinner music rotation.

It is difficult — way more difficult than I initially imagined — to find a song two people will love equally. Add to that the pressure of (at least mildly) impressing your family and friends with the cool and impressive quality of your song and its clear representation of your relationship. Darn near impossible.

We pulled our coffee to the side night after night and practiced dancing to the Beach Boys, David Byrne, and Michael Bublé. It took a few months, and I’m embarrassed to admit that a few tense discussions took place along the way. (“You want to dance to that?”) But in the process, I learned that Peter had excellent dance skills and could effortlessly orchestrate dips, turns, and spins. We laughed a lot. And when we finally heard it — the song that would become ours — I was filled with joyful excitement. It was a classic — Sam Cooke’s “Nothing Can Change This Love” — but not overplayed — sweet, but not saccharine. It felt comforting and fun and just, well, perfect: very similar to how I felt about marrying Peter.

~Julie Turner

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